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  Guest Article: May 5th, 2002

Chibiusa-chan? That little brat?

By: Sailor C

That got your attention, didn't it? I thought so. Now, before you continue reading, please read these items.

  1. To people who dislike Chibiusa (known from now on as CMs, which stands for C.U.R.E. Members, as it was the best abbreviation I could think of): Just pretend that this is a different person, not the annoying, overly kawaii, pink thing that she is. You should get less disgusted that way.
  2. To people who like Chibiusa (known from now on as CFs, which stands for Chibiusa Fans): Don't get me wrong, I like her too, but I figured the title would get the attention of more people.

Now, I would like to start by bringing up some points as to why people may dislike her. The first one is the fact that there is WAY too much pink on her uniform, and pink hair doesn't really make it any better. I can understand that, because I even have to admit, if I saw pink everywhere, it would get annoying. The second one is an item that a friend of mine (Kitty Kat, author of "On Behalf of Those Anti-Sites..." and "Hooray for Season 5!!!") has pointed out, and I think that some people may agree with this. Some people dislike Usagi-chan herself. Of course, since she is the heroine of the show, you can't really dislike her without a LOT of arguing, so you end up disliking the next best thing: Her daughter, whom seems to be an evil clone.

Now, I will state some items from the web site known as "Project C.U.R.E." ( The ones that are realistic, anyway. the first one states that they can "no longer afford the frequent insulin injections required when watching Sailor Moon R and later episodes." Obviously, that most likely means that she is too sweet/kawaii. For CFs to understand what is wrong with that much sweetness/kawaii-ness, think of a world of chocolate. The water tastes like chocolate, the food tastes like chocolate, even items like a piece of paper or a sock would taste like chocolate (if you ever wanted to eat it for some reason.) Sounds great, huh? Imagine living there for five years, with only chocolate items. Wouldn't you eventually get sick of the taste of chocolate? There would be too much sugar, also known as sweetness. Now imagine if every other living thing there was a little kitten, or your new dog, or a little baby or something else cute, and they were everywhere, with nothing ugly, just cute. Sounds horrible when you see that everyday for five years, huh?

Next, C.U.R.E. states that Chibiusa is in love with Mamo-chan. I have read every act in the manga. I saw that image of Black Lady kissing Mamo-chan. Now, I'm not sure, but I think it gives you the idea that he was brainwashed. And obviously, Chibiusa was too, considering she was about to destroy her own planet. But what about the anime, you ask? Don't you remember that Death Phantom was trying to trick Usagi into giving up? So obviously, that wasn't real. But what about those times when she actually says she loves Mamo-chan? Did any of you notice that she happens to say it around Usagi, and not by herself, and that it just "happens" to annoy Usagi? Did you ever think that maybe she was trying to annoy her?

As I was looking for more Chibiusa items, I was looking at "Bunny's Tour Through the Silver Millennium" ( , I came across a "love interests" article, with Chibiusa having a list that mentioned Mamoru. Before the CMs shout that they were right, look at what it says in the article:

"Chiba Mamoru is a special case for Chibi Usa. He is her future father so naturally she would display affection toward him. It always appears that she shows too much affection and takes it as far as to call him her boyfriend. Truth be told, she is a child when she first starts doing this and to most little girls their father is the only man in their live when they are young. Chibi Usa feels a closeness for him and sees Usagi calling him her boyfriend so she mimics, confusing her feelings. Later, when she figures it out she mainly calls him this to annoy Usagi. She wants Mamoru's affection too and this is how she gets it. However, in episode 159 of the anime Mamoru takes her out to dinner to find who her boyfriend is. She tells him that 'you'll always be my boyfriend, Mamo-chan' and to this he thanks her. Then goes on to tell her that when she does find a boy she likes, to bring him to meet him. Chibi Usa of course agrees. In this you can see that she does not consider him a boyfriend in the romantic sense." Interesting, huh? And even though one or more of my comments may be similar to something in this article, please know that I wrote my opinions on the relationship before I noticed this article.

Moving on, They say that her attack is useless. No objections from me there, because I only like it because it's funny how it never works the first time. They also say that she cannot sing. Now that is something I do object to. She cannot talk by herself. She never could. Seeing as how Araki Kae does her voice, please note that they should say that Araki cannot sing. Personally, I like "Yume wo Ijimenaide", but let's continue.

Seeing no more reasons on C.U.R.E., I shall go on to another web site. Greenbean's web site ( had some reasons.

"Her voice... oh god... the voice is in my head."

We have already discussed this, of course.

"She keeps arguing with Usagi, and what at first was cute, became annoying and routine"

Only with Rini and Serena. It's not AS annoying with Chibi-usa and Usagi.

"She shouldn't argue with an elder, especially a parent! What a poor role model for our youth!!! She is the one destroying our American values today! Where's Clinton to stop such outrages from occurring?!"

interesting...anyway, She doesn't exactly consider Usagi a parent, but then again, Usagi doesn't exactly consider her as her child. Usagi hasn't yet become mature enough for Chibi-usa to consider her as a parent. Yes, I know you are all thinking "Usagi becomes mature? Yeah, right." You're not alone, as I can clearly imagine Neo Queen Selenity yelling at Shingo for when he used to read her diary or something. Just pretend, ok?

"She keeps getting in the other's way, because they have to protect her and she messes things up"

Yes, she does seem to do that. But, she has also helped in several ways. By getting captured in the SS movie, it gave a reason to trust Perle (Peruru's real name, as found at Ian-san's web site, She helped Hotaru (Hotaru would have always suffered without Chibi-usa's pure heart). There would have been no reason to introduce the best character! (yes, I like Hotaru-chan). There are more reasons.

"She had all of SS to herself and didn't get half of what Haruka and Michiru accomplished in the first 6 episodes of S."

She may not have accomplished much, but you may remember that Usagi tried to use the Kinzuishou herself, right? It was Chibi-usa who had the bright idea of asking everyone to help. And where would Pegasus have gone? Nowhere.

"Pink Sugar Heart Attack. Look at that! Pink (what a fashion statement) Sugar (cavities, well, she does induce those) Heart (look under Pink) Attack (the last word was the only useful one in the entire statement)"

Yes, it is a bad attack name. Pink Lady's Freezing kiss is not much better. Speaking of bad attack names, what's with "Moon Princess Halation"? Where does halation come from?

Conclusion: Chibi-usa is not an annoying, pink, whatever other insult you can think of, brat that should have never been born. Rini is, but not Chibi-usa. Chibi-usa is only annoying and pink. ^^ CFs, please at least try to understand what the CMs think of her. Same thing goes for the CMs to the CFs.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Now that you have finished, I would like to thank everyone, the AQ, Bunny-san, Ian-san, Project C.U.R.E., Kitty Kat, and Greenbean.

*leaves to beat Chrono Trigger again*

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