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  Emails : October 2001

Here are a few nice emails we received during the last few months.

Hiya Amazon Quartet,

I'm just writing to say thank you. ^_^

I like Sailor Moon, but I live in the UK and it's hard to get anything about it. The anime is show, but only on a channel I cannot get :( The manga is also difficult to come by (and VERY expensive when I can find any of them) So what am I left with? The internet...

But things were always very confusing, there are is so much infomation anyway, and if some sites got it wrong I just wound up getting more confused...

Thanks to your site I was able to find some good sites (and aviod ones that were liable to confuse me further) and am now finally beginning to get the hang of Sailor Moon ^_^

So once again, thank you, and keep up the great site (It's fun reading the reviews ^_^)

See ya Sallie

Wow. I've looked at your site and I truely applaud you. You've done such a great job putting together a site with lots of passion. I think it's great that you have taken so much time to help "sucky" pages. I'm a big SM fan and I hate it when people have crap for their page. I just wanted to tell you that you're doing a great job and to keep up the good work.


3 years ago, I distinctly remember how people in the "Sailormoon Community" ranted about Geocities and Tripod, saying it's better to Xoom. But I have found that you, along with the other Sailormoon sites in Geocities have thus survived.

Actually, my interest in the thing has waned long ago although for lack of material for design ideas (all I do mostly are corporate sites), I used the same old Bishoujo Senshi Site I once abandoned.

Anyway, it's amazing to see how you've survived all these years.

And though my site, which, (allow me to boast a little...rather than to be falsely modest) has been recognized by fans of my favorite senshi as comprehensive enough never was once considered good in your eyes, I'm still glad to say it existed for the fans of my favorite senshi. They really must love this senshi as much as I did.

Here's wishing you gambatte! Good luck in all your endeavors especially in trying to keep the flame of the "SM Community" alive. I probably can't help keep that flame going.

sincerely, naomi

  • October 27th, 2001

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