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  Emails : July 2000

CereCere here, with yet another email that I felt was worth posting, not so much to ridicule, but to teach a lesson and get the word out on a very important subject. Bootlegging SM for profit.

First a bit of background info on this email. I received it shortly after posting Rant # 25 - A Question, in which I said I had not seen the SMS dubs yet. More comments from me will follow the email... so here we go...

Subject: Would you like the SMS dub?

Since you live in Canada I know you haven't seen the SMS dub yet. I have all the episodes they have shown so far on tape. Would you be interested in buying them? I would sell a tape with 12 episodes on it for 15 dollars. Let me know if you are.

Need I say it? What he is offering is just plain illegal.
He is selling a show he taped off TV for profit, profiting off Cloverway, profiting off Cartoon Network who had to buy the episodes from Cloverway. And at 15 bucks (US) a tape, he is making quite the profit! It would cost him, 2 dollars (at most) for a decent VHS tape, then 4 or 5 dollars for shipping one tape to Canada, and that's only if he buys a bubble wrap envelope for it! That's about 7 dollars, with 8 dollars profit, over a 100% mark up on something I can wait one month and watch for free.

If either company got wind of what this person was trying to do he would be fined for numerous copyright violations so fast it would make his head spin. If any of you out there are thinking of doing something similar, do not do it. You may think Cloverway and Time-Warner will not find out, but word on this Internet can spread very quickly. Someone could turn you in, or someone with Cloverway or Time-Warner could actually read about your offer in some chatroom or message board. Heck, he doesn't even know me! I could turn him in for all he knows! If that happens, well my friends you're in deep do-do. Oh and I almost left out Canadian Customs! The tape would have to make it by them, not that hard for an unmarked tape, as they might shrug it off as a family video, but sometimes they do check.

Now that aside, what if you are the person who wants to buy the episodes? First of all, you are for lack of a better word, nuts. They are illegal tapes, you can add Cartoon Network to your cable package in the states for much less than 15 bucks a month and get a lot more shows than just 12 episodes of SM, and in Canada if you have cable, more than likely you have YTV, so why not wait one more month to see them for free?

Then there is a matter of trust.
This guy does not know me, I don't know him, and believe me, with my secret identity he's not going to find out my address anytime soon. But that's another issue altogether! Anyway how do you know that you can trust this person to actually send these tapes to you. You could send the money and get nothing! Especially if he gets caught before he sends out the tape.

So I posted this email, not to really mock this person, but to teach a lesson. If you're planning to pull a scheme like this, don't, and if you're thinking of buying, don't. Now if a friend of yours from the states offers to send you a tape for free, or for the cost of shipping and the tape, then it's okay. Your friend isn't making any profit, and it's also a friend that you can trust more than some stranger who emails you out of no where.

  • July 19th, 2000

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