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  Guest Article: October 27th, 2001

On Behalf of Those Anti-Sites...

By: Katherine

Hey, SOMEONE has to speak up for them! *ducks from all the things being thrown at her head by the diehard fanatics* OK! ENOUGH! Let me explain! *wipes tomato off shoulder* Geez... On one of the message boards that I frequent, we had a discussion about anti-sites and seeing the september Lemure article about them made me think...
Why get so irked about an anti-site when it's the equivalent of a pro-site?
*audience hurls larger things; cows, houses, etc.*

I'm serious! Think about it...Both sides are trying to educate (why to like, why not to like) and both are trying to get their opinion heard! It's the same amount of effort really...and there's another similarity...There are some REALLY bad sites...and then there are some REALLY good ones... *a lone tomato smacks the author again* OK, who threw that?! *takes out Saturn's Glaive and waves it around threateningly* *silence* That's what I thought...

*clears throat*
For instance, on the side of good:
The Chibi Project (
It's nominated for the SMPCA5 awards this year, isn't it? That is DEFINATELY an anti-site...I mean, it's abuse to a poor, defenseless *snicker*, Chibimoon doll...I know that alot of people have been very upset by the site (why? I mean, the only damage I've had is that I laughed so hard that my kidneys nearly burst...) but you've gotta think. They had an original idea and made an excellent site about it, which in the process, ended up making fun of the most evil Sailormoon character out there (with the exception of Taiki's forehead...but that's not a character).

And then there's the Senshi Battle Zone (
I've seen alot of hate for them in the online community because their favorite senshi didn't win the match and/or was made fun of. While this is not an anti-site, per se, it's still one that isn't the standard pro-sailormoon webpage we're so used to seeing...

Of course...The Anti-Mercury Page (
This one can't be forgotten...Why do people hate it so much? I personally love it...It's a funny page and has its own senshi battles which really are amusing to read. So should we hate it? Just because we don't agree with it? I mean, it's not a waste of webspace...In fact, I'd miss it if it were gone...

Let's not forget Project C.U.R.E. (
O.K. This one COULD be considered a waste of webspace IF you didn't read into it. Ever heard of Project C.U.T.E.? It's the exact opposite. The site owners are friends and have a rivalry going between them. Now, take these two sites and examine them... They're essentially the same. Both are about Chibi Usa. Both have strong opinions about her. Just one likes her and one hates her. Is that so wrong? I mean, it's the same amount of energy exerted, just for different sides of an issue.

Now...for the flip side...
The anti-sites that suck.
I don't have any addresses for these, but I can certainly say...they are just terrible. For instance, statements like, "I donmtlike serana b/c she'sa stopid blunde AND i HATEHER FOR DATING DARIEN!!!"
But then again...
There's always pro-sites (want addresses? Just poke around this's the Worse of the Web, ain't it?) that say, "Serana is a blunde sailarscout that is INLOVE WITH DARIAN!!!!" In other words...they're the same...
*waits for tomato to hit her*
*gets smacked with a cucumber instead*
I guess the point I'm trying to make is this: not all anti-sites are bad. In fact, some are REALLY good...The label 'anti-site' has taken on a negative connotation, but you've gotta realize that building a character shrine is the same as building an anti-site. You spend the same amount of time and energy on a subject that you feel passionately about...I could argue that having a character shrine is a waste of time because you're just fiddling around writing about a subject that has been rehashed so many times it's not funny anymore, or that not everyone likes the character/show/etc. that you made the shrine for. But, if in your site's history, someone likes it...gets a laugh from it...or learns something...then it's a success. So let's not just say all anti-sites are bad. It's like saying every pro-site is good. And we all know THAT'S not true...

Therefore, how about we say this...If you come across a site that you don't like because it bashes Sailormoon or any one of its characters, think about this...Is it funny? Does it offer something new that you might enjoy? Does it show you someone else's opinion so that you can see both sides of an issue? If the answer to any of these is yes, the don't get angry...And if all else fails and the site is just AWFUL on any level then...*gets a brilliant idea* Leave. Don't waste your time on it. Trust me, the world is a much nicer place if you don't get worked up...

Of course, if you DO want to get worked up...then go at it...The world needs flamers.

OK...That's my opinion. Now, if I haven't won you over, feel free to pelt me with tomatoes again--*smack* *wipes it out of eye* Thank you to whoever threw that. I think I'll go build you an anti-site *maniacal laughter which fades as she disappears from view just as a barrage of tomatoes flies her way*

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