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  Emails : September 1998

For the following emails to protect privacy somewhat, we used only either nicknames people used or only first names. Also, emails ending with "..." have been cut short to help prevent these pages from becoming overly large.

On these pages, any comments in yellow are made by CereCere, red are by VesVes, green is JunJun, and aquablue (cept links) are ParaPara's.

The 'SOS' rant generated more email comments than any other article ever on our page! Here are some excepts:

I'd just like to say to JunJun that her column on SOS was absolutely... MAGNIFICENT!!! SUPERB!!! EXCELLENT!!! "GROOVY!!!" 0_0;;; I've gotta get that Brady Bunch movie out of my head...

[VesVes Whips CereCere]
Thanks, Vesie... I needed that!
[CereCere Runs]
[JunJun sweatdrops]

It's absolutely horrifying that they [the SOS] are posting this crap on their page.... And since your page is very popular and has a reputation of being truthful, perhaps more people will realize that SOS was not telling the truth. ...

I must say that I TOTALLY agree with you when you say SOS is a big fake. Not only is everything you say in your article true, but when we got the new eps on Cartoon network they seemed to brag that SOS and SOS*only* got the shows on! They didn't even consider that many of the fans who have never been to SOS wrote letters, or the execs at Cartoon Network liked the show and thought it would be worthy of their network. Not only are they giving us wrong, useless and confusing information, but they're being selfish and hogging the spotlight all to themselves. ...

The article on the SOS page was long over due I believe.
As a NASM fan I have long since stopped visiting the SOS page; due to the fact that it isn't updated on a regular basis, and, frankly, I'm wiry about accepting anything they write as "truth."...
-Sailor Blue

We didn't get one flame for this?
Nope, not one.

An update on the "SOS": They have sort-of retracted their original Michiru/Haruka Story based on the fact they could not find anyway to confirm it. (Big suprise!) It has been replaced it with a new article is actually from a confirmed source.

Congratulations! - You have won E.S.H.ís award for SM webpage excellence!
Well, recently I read an your AQ rant ní rave review that said that a lot of places were giving out awards to unworthy sites and that promoted bad pages. To a degree I think you were absolutely right. Most people (like myself) were handing out awards like hot cakes to prevent making anyone angry. AND this all resulted (in my perspective) because people could request to be evaluated for an award.

Thus this prompted a review of my awards section at the E.S.H. (which is now finally updated!) where people can no longer request awards. BUT instead Iím giving awards to those sites that I truly deem worthy. I think that this is the best way to award those who have worked hard and have good pages and not make others angry. ...

Thanks for the award Lunara! We don't normally accept awards, but seeing as this award was influenced by one of our Rants we had to throw it in somewhere.

Hey, I found one positive thing about stealing images. While it does take away for the hard work and creativity of the author, the images will survive. Look at it this way, someone makes a bunch of cool images for his webpage, and his webpage looks awesome, after the image thieves ransack his page and put those awesome pics on their pages, the author closes his page down for one reason or another ...

Do you smell something?
Like wha?
I think Cere means the weed this guy must have been smoking when he wrote this.
Yeah! That's it!

  • September 16th, 1998

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