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  Emails : June 1998

For the following emails to protect privacy somewhat, we used only either nicknames people used or only first names. Also, emails ending with "..." have been cut short to help prevent these pages from becoming overly large.

On these pages, any comments in yellow are made by CereCere, red are by VesVes, green is JunJun, and aquablue (cept links) are ParaPara's.

Winner of Worst Nomination Ever:

The Sailor Moon FUN House

Ok, it's a nomination so let's review it.

I found this page incredibly easy to read. The grey background is really lovely and nostalgic. However, there isn't really a hell of a lot to do here, so it gets boring quickly. ^_-

Well, it loads really fast...

Not found. DAMN! and I wanted to review it so badly!

Well, at least there is no mixing of Dic and Japanese info here, because there isn't any INFO!

Subject: Much Ado About Nothing, sounds like Seinfeld!

Dear Amazoness Quartet,
I totally agree with "Much Ado About Nothing", especially how when I see other pages, I actually really DON'T care what the colors are for the soldiers, 'cause I've seen it enough times on the show! I like originality, too. Unfortunately, I don't have the right or privilege to complain/rant about other web pages, 'cause my site really suxs at the moment. Oh, well! 3 days 'till I'm out of school, and hopefully things will get better!

I hope so. Just work hard, be original, like how Ben says in his article and I'm sure things will turn out ok.

Subject: The Worst Sailormoon Pages Ever...

...Is a great site! You find all the good SM pages on the web, and point out all the sucky ones so I won't either waste my time going to them, or so I can go to them and get a BIG laugh! Also, your site's not that short of laughs, either (read: CereCere's greatest hits!) I just hope one day my site's good enough to be one of your Best sites....and never bad enough to be one of your Worst! Keep up the good work!!
* Minako *

[Takes a bow] Thank you ^_^ By the way send money for the CD to CereCere care of...
Owch! [rubs butt] one of these days I'm going to tell Ves #5 shes getting into her character wayyyy too much. Where the hell did she find that whip anyway?

Had to throw this in, I think it's one of our first emails from outside of North America that wasn't a nomination.

Dear Amazoness Quartet!
I'm a loyal European Sailormoon fan that's totally crazy about Usagi.
I just wanted to tell ya that you're doing a great job! Your page is on my bookmarks list and i check it out almost every day just to read all the stuff you wrote how to make a SM page good and even unique. I must say I learnt A LOT about image thieves, page content, JAVA stuff, NA version of the show, and why those plain SM sites who are so boring simply...SUCK!
Because of you four Amazoness gals I can work on my own SM site without any fear it will be like a sh**y average trash we see on da web every day. Now, i'm not saying it'll be definitely kewl; i'm just saying it won't suck that much...I'm trying to make it unique, with hope fellow Moonies will actually like and enjoy it.
I know i'm not so good at English (*sniff*) and that i really sound horrible sometimes (you should hear my accent! ^_^), but I still wanna make a page dedicated to Usagi (and not just because i adore her!).
So, what I'm saying is...THANK YOU, THANK YOU for everything, for all your archives and those cool Lemures Files I enjoy reading so much. I was rolling on the floor while reading Goodger's 'Geo World Report' and the "GeoShi**ies thing". ^_^
You're very good at writing HTML, ya have a beautiful site design and even though I like it, i won't take a peek at the site's source! ^_^ I can write my own stuff, yeah, but not so good and perfect like you, Amazoness Quartet. All the stuff you've written is extremely helpful for all of us Moonies out there, but I'm sure you know that.
Okay, um, i think that's all. ^_^
Stay cool,
ja ne,
--Midori da Ratgirl--

Well, if it means anything to you, it looks like you can spell and write in English better than Para. ^_^
CERE! {{WHAP!!!}}
I'm staying out of this one.
(Rolls eyes)
Umm, thanks for the comments Midori, and what's with this Ben Goodger guy hoggin' all the comments this month? [Goes to get ice pack for wounds]

  • June 29th, 1998

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