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  Emails : October 2000

Here are a few emails we received during September. Most are comments about the lovely email from "Lilly" that was posted here early in September. There's also one somewhat humorous email reguarding our Case Study in the Page Tips section.

I have no clue why I am writing this, other than the fact that I found it very offensive. I'm the type of person who can take a minor joke about any culture, including my own, and see it as a joke, a simple, harmless joke. But this E-mail went way too far.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not Asian. I am Canadian, although i have lived all around the world, including Australia, where there are many different cultures, including European aspects, Asian aspects, and the Aboriginals...

...And if Anime is made SPECIFICALLY for Asians, no Asian animation company, Including Toei Animation (Who also handled Digimon), would allow their cartoons to be dubbed. Dubbing companies like DiC and Cloverway have to pay to get the rights to these shows. They can't just say: Hey! Let's dub this cartoon for English speaking children! If Anime is meant only for Asians, the cartoon would have Never been dubbed, or released in North America.


...what's with this, anime should stay in Japan business? I would like to show a very nice fact. In Japan, Mononoke Hime was the second most popular movie (in money wise), and that's an anime. Which was the first? Titanic, which is not a Japanese movie, let alone an anime. If American movies can be so popular on the Japanese shores, than why can't Japanese features, such as movies AND anime, be popular on American shores? If we stuck to our own series, then the Japanese should stick to their own also. I very much doubt that this would make people happy.


The letter from 'Lily' was kinda funny, even though it was really racist. I took that letter as saying American people are so full of themselves that they are too good to learn Japanese. But in most schools in the USA, Japanese is not offered in the school curriculum. Also, Naoko Takeuchi didn't create Sailormoon to be confined to Japan. The dubbing problems should be expected in America. In America, the censors think like this:

animation = kid's show (with the exception of Beavis and Butthead, etc.)

But obviously, the companies didn't think Sailormoon would catch on with teenagers (and they were right), so they targeted the show towards kids. That was a smart move to get the show started in America. If you don't like the dub, get the subtitled, it's as easy as that.


And now for something completely different...

Congratulations on a great site, aside from a few hypocritical tips about not making the page too big too load quickly, I found your site wonderful, informative, and incredibly helpful.

(I have tried to write this next bit very tongue in cheek, so apologies to all if I have failed.)

But I have found one grave error on your which I feel you should rectify with all possible speed before it is allowed to cause grievous harm. On Pallapalla's sample of a bad page the only way out at the end is a few links in TINY text with the text "Do you want to escape from this insanity ?". In my opinion the sample page is an assault to the eyes and if viewed for long enough, could cause permanent damage. I suggest you create a larger more accessable escape route with bigger text. Please fix this error before someone gets hurt.

Yours sincerely,
The Lord Phoenix,

P.S. Feel free to sweatdrop ^_^; at any time during my email. Also I did notice this text on your description page for the sample page "So check out Palla's page first, then use the links on the bottom of that page to continue on to the analysis and then the mock review." but all the stuff excepting permanent damage is the truth after browsing for an extended period of time.....that page really is an assault on the eyes.

  • October 1st, 2000

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