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  Emails : March 2000

CereCere here, it's been quite a while since we have had a flame that was stupid enough to post. I guess this person actually did achieve something by flaming us. He or she actually managed to get posted on the site.

My comments, will be in italics and colour.

Subject : "Worst Page Ever Having To Do With SM you'll ever see in your entire life "

I hereby nominate your webpage for the "worst web page ever having to do with sailormoon."

OOOOOO I see! It's one of those "let's freak them out by hiding our flame in a fake nomination!" messages.
Yeesh... like that hasn't been done before!

Why, you ask? Because you are a bunch of faceless nobodys just trying to make yourselves out to be good guys.

AHWWW! What happened to my face?! No! I'm faceless!
Ummm... that might have been true a while ago, but we have been doing this for over 3 years. By now lot of people know us, at least by our nicknames. We're no more faceless that the next guy on the Internet.
So what if you don't know our real names?

Your webpage sucks so bad. It makes me want to hurl!!!!!!!! You make sailormoon look so bad. (Please note that I will soon have the largest sailormoon website in the world & I am not even exaturating. Also note that I have never been on your worst list before.)

You say it's the biggest in the world?
I bet I can find bigger!

Which brings us to our next point. Next time, leave your ego out of your flames, it only serves to make you look even worse and I can squeaze in cracks like the one above.

Your site is a bunch of BULL S--T. Please take your website off as soon as you can losers. You bunch of scrubs. You, YOU,


Oohh do I see a vein popping out of your forehead? You need to get that checked!

Name calling aside... the reviews are only our own opinions. You can take them or leave them. However, they are backed by what just about every webdesigner in the world will tell people to do and not to do. So it's not exactly, ummm bull.
You need proof?

Check out:
Webmaster Resources
Neon Design

That's only a start of what I could find.

Did you also notice most of the websites we review as "bad" steal bandwidth or information from other sites? That's even a violation of Terms of Service for most web providers.

If that's not enough, do you know we offer help to sites we have reviewed behind the scenes? As a matter of fact, I'm currently helping two of the web owners we reviewed this month with new versions of their sites.

Here's two more things I suggest you read before you consider replying again:

Page Tips
Our FAQ Page

Now excuse me while I go smoke my crack pipe...
Oh, I'll give you one point for using the word "scrubs". That's the first time I've seen that word used in a flame.

I wait for your reply........Please don't take this as a comment, but as a way to improve everyones lives & to secure the love of SM for everyone for all eternity.

Don't worry, I won't take it as a comment.
It's just a stupid flame. Next time, try to put some actual thought into it. Then I'll take you more seriously.
Until then, I guess I'll go "scrub" myself...

  • March 7th, 2000

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