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  Emails : May 2002

I thought this one was really nice, and it made my day just a few days ago. So I just had to post it! :D


This is a dedication to...The Worst Sailormoon Pages Ever - By the Amazoness Quartet. We should all know them. If you donít, go check them out. They are the oldest WPR around, they started WPRís. They have been up for 5 years (1996 - 2001) and something months now. They have everything a WPR needs. The Lemures Files, which are articles, rantings and ravings and just everything a WPR needs. They have a different style of reviewing that no one has, and if they DO they are coping, they have people nominate Sailor Moon pages for the Best or Worst categories. Once a month, they pick out one Best and one Worst. They also have Runner Up and Second Look.

This is a WPR that other WPRís look up to, I do! Sure, there Worst sites reviews are harsh and blunt, but have you seen the site? It usually deserves it. They are so many bad Sailor Moon sites on the web, and they show you the worst of the worst. On top of that, they have information on the Dead Moon Circus! What more could you ask for?!? I know, I great layout. They are now featuring each one of the Amazoness Quartet each month, which is obviously a good idea. They are the best WPR out there, the oldest, and they started WPRís and even after 5 years, they are still going strong.

To you AQ, you deserve every little once of praise you get. I have never seen such dedicated people in my work at a WPR. Good luck to you always, please take care and never close down The Worst Of The Web, for a lot of people would be sad, I know I would be.

- Moon

  • May 4th, 2002

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