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  Emails : May 1998

For the following emails to protect privacy somewhat, we used only either nicknames people used or only first names. Also, emails ending with "..." have been cut short to help prevent these pages from becoming overly large.

On these pages, any comments in yellow are made by CereCere, red are by VesVes, green is JunJun, and aquablue (cept links) are ParaPara's.

Well, it's been a while since we did one of these. I was planning to do one this month and had a lot of great emails, both with good comments about our page and a few flames. Then Hotmail went 'kablooie' and erased most of the emails I was holding on to. Therefore, I present a shortened email comments page.

First I just wanna say that everytime there's nothing else to do with the pages I bookmarked cuz I've read all the info or they haven't updated anything. I go to your page to see what pages would be decent enough for me to go through. I just went to webcrawler searching and it gave me all this crap with no new info just new links. Anyways it's good that you guys made this page otherwise I would have gone to all how many sm pages on the internet!! Second thing that last 2 bad comments were sooo idiotic! C'mon the least thing the guy could do is spell erase or congratulations right!! ...

Well, the comment Mariedel is referring to is the flame on posted on the bottom of our last email comments page. Makes me glad to know people like using our page to help avoid bad pages. That has always been our number one purpose and the reason why we don't provide links to bad pages.

I think it's really great, what you're doing. It's about time someone decided to rate anime pages, especially on Sailor Moon (both because SM rocks and there are so many of them). I'll probably be checking back to your page periodically, if only so I can visit the worst sites and laugh at them (Usagi older than Setsuna? I almost DIED!) ...

Well, like I said, we don't encourage people to visit "bad" sites, but if you want to, then we can't stop you. As long as you know some of what they say isn't corrent and can be quite 'scary'.

I want to say thank you for nominating my page for worst of the month. It has inspired me to be more careful when making webpage. ...
God Bless!!!

I always like it when we get an email from a person who has won one of our "worst" or "runners-up" that took it, read it, and realized they had some improvements to make. When someone comes to us after receiving a "worst" award and threatens us, flames us, and does nothing to improve their page do you think were going to suddenly change our minds about it? No! The only way to save your page from sitting in our archives as a bad page is to improve it, then tell us you have, and then we might just give you one of those green "improved" bars and an improved award, which is better than getting a "best" award in my opinion, because it shows you withstood the critics, did something about it, and came out with a decent page.

You web site kicks ass! It's rare seeing a page well-built with the effort showing! You guys are so original coming up with the concept of this site. Now i don't have to waste my time going to crappy Sailor Moon pages.

You're welcome! Speaking of "kick ass," we won another award in April, I think it was called the "SM kick ass site award" or something. We don't display awards we have won because we can't add links to pages we haven't reviewed. However, I will try to slip in any emails which presents us with an award on these pages. That email, by the way, was another victim of hotmail going BOOM a few weeks ago.

Do a big, huge feature on people who used to hate your page, but now see that it's cool (like me). You know, do interviews with the most notorious of your 'enemies'. Then, do a feature on pages similar to yours plus on pages that make fun of you ...

Not a bad idea, but kinda hard to pull off. I'll just say there are a lot of people who once hated our page, but then later came to like it.

As for a feature on pages like ours, that one we are working on. It should be up after the fanfic one around late July or August. Right now there are still only three SM Web Page Review's we approve of The Needleleaf Society, The M-Squad, and The Outer Senshi.

SailorM333 then went on to give us an URL of a page we learned about a month or two ago, "Akayashi Sisters". Of course, I cut off the URL because if I gave it out here, we would be giving them exactly what they want, lots of hits and the start of a fight. Then again, I do notice their guestbook is already filling up with several flames. Notice they don't have an email. I wonder why? ^_-
I just like to say here quickly, without making this into a "Rantings and Ravings", we all had a good laugh when we first saw that page. It is so hypocritical and ironic. They are becoming exactly what they say they are against. First they review pages themselves and then bash any page that expresses even half an opinion including the other Page Reviews, STOP and more. Then, they basically say we act like "gods" on an ego trip. After going there last night I noticed in the guestbook they are riding high on a major ego trip! Responding to flames by bragging about IQ scores and crap? Gimmie a break, girls! [shakes head and laughs at it all]



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