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  Emails : January 2002

Here are some of the emails we reviewed for our 5th Anniversary in October 2001:

Hello, congratulations, and thank you so very much!! First of all, congratulation on your fifth anniversary. Five years is a long time for a site in which the creators have not gotten sick of what they were doing. I think it is amazing that you guys have stuck it out, and I am so grateful for that. I have visited your site at least once a month, even when my love of Sailormoon was at an all time low. And I want to say thank you for sticking around.

There was a time when all those good Sailormoon pages I went to every day closed, most of them in a span of a week. It actually hurt because I was so into Sailormoon and SM on the web, that it felt like a piece of me died and I even cried a little, as crazy that it sounds. And when I saw that your site was down for a day, for a brief moments I felt that awful loss again, but then I read it was just down for a day, and everything was okay again. ^_^

When I read your 'Evolution Ball!' rant, I almost cried again, but this time in joy (yes, I am a very sensitive person and it doesn't take much for me to cry ^^;;). It was so wonderful to read on how you guys decided to keep going and to make the site last for more than five years. So, I guess I want to say thank you for keeping your site going, it really makes a nostalgic person like me feel a lot better at the end of the day when I go to bed and know that your site will still be there when I wake up.

- Alison

I just want to congratulate you on reaching your 5th anniversary. It's awesome you stuck through that far. (my BSSM page is only 1 1/2 and I already put it on hiatus)

I like your new ideas for reviews and I wish you and the Guest Reviewers luck.

Anyway, congratulations and I hope you guys can stay around for 5 more years! (Okay, that's pushing it, but whatever..)

- Myrna

I know it's been said before by many, many little people before me, but this is a truly wonderful site. I have spent literally hours reading through all the archives and articles. I don't think I've laughed so hard in a while. your cynicism, sarcasm, and all-around insight is thoroughly refreshing in a world full of evil little webpage clones. And the mock webpage to show what not to do was hilarious. I've sent the link to all my fellow otakus.

Hats off to you all, and keep up the great work.

Peace and love

- Claire

I just wanted to take a moment and say congratulations on reaching 5 years. I noticed the site slowing down a bit during late sping and summer and I began to worry that the site might soon leave us all. I want to say that I am very pleased and releived that you have decided to stick around for a while longer.

I have been a frequent visiter since I first tumbled apon you during the second SMPC and fell in love the with the biting, sarcastic and often times hilarious reviews of terrible sites. I also took to heart some of your complaints and strove to erase those erros from my site.

I want to thank you for pointing out decent and wonderful sites, and also highligting those sites that would be better to sink back into the depthless waters of oblivion. You rants are entertaining, the Help Desk is a great assisstance, and you reviews will keep me coming back. I look foreward to what you have planned in the future and plan to stick around for as long as the site is still as vibrant and refreshing as it is now.

Congratulation and good luck in the future and to the Guest Reveiwers.

- Silverfire

I would like to nominate: for the best page award. It is a good page, well designed, a lot of original content, and quite good looking as well.

I wonder how many times people have nominated this site? Keep up the good work. (-:

Submitted by: Goku Mizuno

Cere: Ironically we don't usually have anyone nominate this site for best, however, many a flamer has tried the old trick of nominating us for worst. :D

  • January 29th, 2002

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