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  Emails : September 2000

Here's another interesting email we have recently received. Well, I'll let this one speak for itself, the writer does a good enough job displaying their intelligence (or lack there of) all on their own. However, I will let you all in on a couple tidbits to think about while reading this. First, two of the AQ are in fact, Asian. Second, just for the heck of it I traced the originating IP of this email and it comes to us from...

Tucson, Arizona

Ummm I don't recall a Tucson, Arizona being anywhere on the continent of Asia, last time I checked that was oh... maybe in the Southwestern United States? Well, keep that in mind as your read this email, it makes it that much more "interesting".

Subject: .

You guys are idiots. Anime is for the Asians. I mean REAL asians. You Americans stick with your own series. You think you know everything but have you lived in Asia? I know everything about Sailor Moon and the people in Asia does too. Americans don't know shit. They get on the stupid computer and learn everything from there. What's with you people? YOu got your hands on a few original comics and boom, you know everything. You begin to brag about your few comics and make it sound like a lot. Americans are nothing but pieces of trash when it comes to Anime. Anime are for Asians. That is where it was made and Asians (oriental) are the people they made it for. They only dubbed it here for the money. You don't speak Japanese perfectly so you should have no idea what they are saying. How can you tell it's better? Just becuase you read the english translations on the interneet? Do you think that's accurate? Dumbasses. Please reply. I want to hear the idiots try to say something smart.
- Lily

  • September 6th, 2000

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