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  Emails : August 1999

It's has been a while since we added some new email responses, gee it's only been what, almost a year? But we recently received a few we couldn't resist throwing in.

Hello all,

I wanted to extend my personal thanx to the four of you. Had it not been for your site I would have never challenged myself to learn all I could about HTML, so that my SM site would turn out the best I could possibly make it. Because of this I have recently landed a job as an internet intern at my local public library developing web tutorials for the public and updating the staff on the internet and e-mail. It is the most fun full time summer job! (And pretty good paying too! ^.-^) Not only that but I get to return every summer!

So once again, thank you. I love your site and keep up the good work! I can't wait to see the results of the 3rd SM peoples choice awards.

This is actually from the same person as above...

This is just to inform you of a place that may be instigating rumours of improper spelling. I went to this lycos page that informed me that the spelling of Usagi's name is Usagi Tsuki... I thought you might like to know.

Great now lycos is screwing with the names! As if Mixxzine wasn't bad enough! ;)

I'm not an avid reader of your site, heck I don't get much time to read anything but my own site. However on a slow day at work I wandered over to see what was going on with your site. I read through your latest rant concerning the hentaiFREE campaign. I have some comments toward the whole mess.

On our site, Grep Sailormoon Star (, we don't host hentai images. However we are not members of the hentaiFREE campaign. We've been invited (begged if you will) to join hentaiFREE but had to refuse due to a major disagreement with their mission statement. I will not put hentai images anywhere children will be able to access them. I don't think they should be removed from the net. I am very much for the freedom of the individual to decide for themselves what they should and shouldn't do.

I have never stumbled into a hentai site. I don't know what all the fuss is about. The only time I've run across hentai images is when the link said that there was hentai there. The whole premise of hentaiFREE is based on the false assertion that hentai is so prevalent that kids will fall into it without looking. Most of the time the hentai sites charge for access, most kids don't have the credit cards required to access these areas.

I know because I look through hentai sites. Yes, I look at hentai. Most of it is trash. Some of it is quite funny. Now and again I find images that aren't hentai and end up in my library where it belongs .Sometimes I find something that is a good work of art that is too hentai to be in my library, these end up in my private collection. I'm of legal age, I've taken courses in the social and philosophical impact of pornography, and I understand how most pornography is a horrible objectification of women. What many people forget is that showing a naked body can be artful and non-damaging - nudity does not imply pornography.

My question is: Why are the parents not surfing with their children? I am a strong advocate for parents and children surfing together, I don't think children should surf alone. Not only for the hentai and pornography reasons but also because children often give out information they shouldn't to untrustworthy web sites. I know for a fact that kids sign up for memberships at our website all the time without parental guidance even though we say in several places that if you are not 17 you must have your parent's permission.

There are, as I see it, two solutions to the problem. The first solution is a technology solution, filters, surf-control, smart-proxy servers and so on. This solution prevents the symptoms but does nothing to address the cause of the problem. The second solution is a behavioral correction to the problem, parents surfing with their kids, or making sure the kids understand why looking at hentai is not acceptable. The problem is not a technology problem, it is a behavior problem: don't change the technology, change the behavior.

Anime is an art form. Like any form of art it can be extended into a pornographic relm. We call this extention hentai. Is it bad? No, it just is--I am not qualified to judge good from evil for every person on the planet. Is it appropriate for children? I don't think so, but who am I to tell you what is appropriate for your children. Not being appropriate for children does not mean removing it from the net. Remove the ability and/or desire for children to access hentai and we've solved the problems that the hentaiFREE group has without taking the extreme actions that hentaiFREE puts forth.

Scot Bontrager

Out of the small ton of emails we received in reaction to the HentaiFREE rant, this one made the most sense, or at least best argued our own feelings on HentaiFREE.

If you want to check out rating services for safe surfing that do a much better and more professional job than HentaiFREE check out:

SafeSurf Rating System
RSACi Rating System

  • August 17th, 1999

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