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  Guest Article: July 7th, 2002

Rules of the Game

By: Rebo Valence

I was prompted to write this by a recent Lemure by Rainbow decrying what s/he deemed to be unreasonable restrictions upon the writing of fanfics. I'm here to defend these rules because they were made for a purpose, even if they are purely optional.

First off, the reason people make the complaints she stated are because they are sick of reading stories where these cliched points come up. After a few fanfics in which Sailor Earth shows up, you really get annoyed with seeing her, whether she's Usagi's mother, Mamoru's lost sister, or the bastard child of Chibi Chibi and Artemis. The biggest problem with having Sailor Earth is that Mamoru technically IS Sailor Earth-he has the star seed for Earth, just as the Sailor Senshi have the star seeds for their respective planets. Same for Sailor Sun. These ideas have been retreaded over and over again, and there's really only so much that can do with them. Sure, some people have pulled off Sailors Earth and Sun with a hint of originality, but even then most of us are sick of it. Instead of having Sailor Earth show up, why not try to think up new sailors? There is an abundance of celestial bodies that you can cull Senshi from, and don't feel that you can't invent your own planets or even create Senshi that have no celestial basis whatsoever.

Next, I'm not sure where Rainbow came up with "No Senshi from the Future," because that's one I haven't seen too often. However, the break-up stories are extremely old. Seeing how Usagi and Mamoru have already had one major break-up during the course of the show and been separated innumerable times, having them do it again is rather unoriginal. Also, most of these break-up stories are written by people who have very little grasp of the character of Mamoru in the first place. They assume that he broke with Usagi because he didn't really love her. They disregard the fact that their only break-up was actually caused because Mamoru was receiving nightmares foretelling Usagi's death if their relationship continued. The other major problem with the break-ups is that the reader knows they will eventually make-up, seeing as they have a daughter in the future and rule a kingdom together. If they don't get back together again, then you'll still annoy your reader because they HAVE to get back together because of you're supposed to be following canon.

I get annoyed when people tell me that I'm restricting them by saying they shouldn't write certain things in a Sailormoon fanfic. If you want to write whatever you want without people getting upset, then don't write fanfics. The whole point of fanfiction is to take a pre-established universe, with a set story and it's own rules and well-established characters, and come up with a situation for them. So if Usagi breaks up with Mamoru because he's a wifebeater and she starts dating Taiki who's the Prince of Cybertron, then you're completely ignoring the universe you're writing in. The point of fanfiction isn't making the characters do whatever you want. Just because you think Ami would be a great goth doesn't mean you can make her dress in black and listen to Marilyn Manson. It's out of character. That's the price for writing fanfiction-everything your characters do must seem logical for their established character traits. If you want people to do whatever you want, write your original stories with your own characters. Sorry if I seem rude, but that's just reality. Fanfiction offers many possibilities for expanding the universe of Sailormoon, but it is not a blank slate for you to write whatever you want.

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