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  Guest Article: May 5th, 2002

Sailor Moon Fanfic Guides

By: Rainbow

In some Sailor Moon websites, I have seen guides to writing fanfiction. Some of the rules are helpful, like the general rule that one must use correct grammar and spelling. Other rules seem rather restrictive to me, and some have even sort of become cliches in themselves! Here are some cliched "rules" and my opinions of them:

1) No Sailor Earth or Sun
This one, I think, is rather mean. The usual rule regarding these two "characters" is that they are too common. Actually, considering that the original TV show does NOT contain either of these Senshi, they are actually unique! I'm sure that there are no two Sailor Suns (or Earths) who are complete copies of each other! (By the way, in a story I'm writing, "Sailor Moon: Identities Revealed", a Sailor Earth and Sailor Sun are introduced. In my version, they are Usagi's mother and little brother!)

2) No Usagi and Mamoru break-up stories, No Senshi From the Future, etc.
Like the "Earth and Sun" rule, this is often listed because these kinds of stories are used too much. I'm sure no two Sailor Moon fanfics with any plot are exactly the same!

3) Keep the Senshi in Character
That is the rule that annoys me the MOST!! Personally, I think it's funny when characters act strangely. One of the funniest fanfics I've ever read involved everyone acting out of character! Ami got drunk, Taiki and Setsuna got in a fight with each other, and Haruka kept being a wimpy crybaby! I say, do whatever you want with your fanfics! Make up weird romantic pairings! (I like to have Seiya and Hotaru go on dates!) Have fun with your fanfics, and don't worry too much as to whether you're following rules or not! In fact, these rules contradict each other! I believe that when the characters do things they wouldn't normally do, then it is truly a unique fanfic!

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