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  Guest Article: October 27th, 2001

Sorry I Bothered!

By: Rebo Valence

Perhaps you might recall a Lemure in June, written by me, telling the tale of the Sailor Stars dub rumor that I inadvertantly created as an April Fool's joke. It flew wildly out of control when people began changing select portions of it to make it sound legitimate and people were seriously believing that it was true. I felt extremely guilty that innocent fans were being taken in by something I only intended as a joke and worked hard to try and correct it, including writing the Lemure here, so I could get the word out.

Well, the reaction to my good natured efforts has really ticked me off. The day the Lemure went up, I discovered a flame in my e-mail box. I don't save flames, but basically the author chewed me out for attempting to confuse fans because she had told all her friends it was true and now they found out it wasn't and it was all my fault and how dare I write that. I sent her an e-mail explaining my position, but she never bothered to respond-such childish individuals rarely do seek a response, lest someone show them the folly of their reasoning.

Yet this wasn't even the FIRST! I went out of my way to find websites that had the rumor on it so I could help them out, and got a nice, juicy flame in response to another one. That fellow accused me of attempting to discredit his website and the SOS and then threatened to sic Naoko Takeuchi on me. The fact that I doubt he even knew her or that she can't even read/speak English didn't matter. After chewing me out for trying to help him, he never even bothered to take the rumor down (and even posted an update on July 27th railing about Cartoon Network's "mistake" for not running the new dub!).

But mindless flames are one thing. We've all gotten them, and e-mail flames are generally pathetic. But this is what did it: This is the Save Our Starlights website, spawned entirely because the web author's friend told her that she got the rumor from the Toonami Mailing List (Something I INVENTED for the joke!). It is THESE comments that annoy me:

"This was actually a VERY cruel april fools joke(even tho that was 3 weeks ago) and it started up quite an up-roar to all that saw it. This was a VERY mean thing for this person to do.. heh, guess they forgot the "April Fools!" part at the end, ne?"


Aww, thanks for the concern. I wouldn't even list these here except for the fact that I've e-mailed the author of the site to explain the story and received no response. The site is unchanged. These remarks and flames are not the only ones I've got, just the biggies, but this will give you an idea.

I've just got to say-What is your problem? Why do you people flame someone who was trying to correct a grievous mistake? I had no obligation to go on message boards, forums, newsgroups, websites, etc. to try and kill it. I was even told that I should just let it go and laugh about it. But because I felt bad about what was happening, I tried to help people out, and got spat on in return. I can only conclude that the real reason people decided to flame me was because they were upset for falling for it. It's all so ridiculous. To the flamers out there-GROW UP! And to everyone else-don't forget to take anything you read via e-mail as news with a grain of salt and not as fact. More often than not, it's someone pulling your leg.

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