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  Guest Article: June 18th, 2001

The Truth About The Sailor Stars Dub

By: Rebo Valence

Perhaps you might be familiar with a rumor that is currently circulating the Internet describing the dubbing of Sailormoon Sailor Stars, as sent to people of the Toonami Mailing List. It tells about such wonderful glories as the brand new girl band, The Three Lights, a trio of female singers named Kyra, Jessica, and Sasha, and how the villains turn people into Star Stealers. Well, I hate to break to y'all, but...It's all fake. Every last word of it. How do I know? Easy - I WROTE THE ENTIRE E-MAIL.

It started as a simple April Fool's prank to a pair of Sailor Moon lists. It was littered with inside jokes and statements that were so obviously fake that I never thought anyone would believe them. Yet it seems that the e-mail was sent to others, who sent it to others, who posted it on forums, newsgroups, other mailing's all over the Net! Of course, the version circulating the Net conveniently clips out the end of the message, in which I wrote "APRIL FOOLS!" and assured everyone reading that it was fake, and also clips out the beginning which has my name on it. Some versions of it even have people claiming that they themselves originally received the e-mail. And so, now people are seriously believing that my entire goofy prank is in fact a real press release from Cartoon Network. In case you HAVEN'T heard the rumor, or never saw the original post, then here's the rumor portion of it for you:

"Dear Toonami Fans:

Ever since we began airing Sailor Moon S and Super S during our Toonami block of programming, we have been receiving anxious letters from Sailor Moon fans wondering just one thing-Will Sailor Moon Stars be dubbed?

We've repeatedly stated that we can't actually dub the episodes ourselves, but we've promised Cloverway, the company that is currently in charge of the dubbing, that once they give Stars to us, we will air it.

Well, we've finally received all 34 episodes of the Sailor Moon Stars series. We have plans to begin airing them on July 27th! For those of you who aren't familiar with the Stars season, we'd like to sum it up for you:

*The evil Neherenia makes one last go at the Scouts, and almost succeeds! This first section of Sailor Moon Stars resolves the ending of the previous arc of episodes and propels us straight into the exciting ending series of Sailor Moon! Plus, the new scouts from S finally return! Yes, it's your friends Amara, Michelle, Trista, and Hotaru! Plus, Sailor Moon becomes Eternal Sailor Moon, and gets the Eternal Moon Scepter.

*After the Neherenia scandal is taken care of, Serena and her friends discover that their favorite girl group, the Three Lights, are touring in their hometown! And of course, they're the biggest fans of this spicy trio of female superstars! There's Kyra Lights, a black haired woman who eventually becomes like a sister to Serena. There's Jessica Lights, a very tall brunette who likes books even more than Amy. Then there's the feisty Sasha Lights, with a temper even meaner than Raye's!

*At the same time, a mysterious group of NEW Scouts shows up-The Starlight Scouts! There's Sailor Star Fighter, who attacks with "Star Serious Laser," Sailor Star Maker, who attacks with "Star Gentle Raindrop," and finally, there's Sailor Star Healer, who attacks with "Star Sensitive Inferno." These mysterious Scouts are searching for their princess, Princess Fireball. But just who is Fireball?

*Serena comes home one day to find out that she suddenly has a three-year old SISTER! Shades of Rini? This little girl, named Little Rini, also becomes Sailor Mini Mini Moon! Wow!

*Plus, there's the new villains lurking around - Galaxia, who seeks the power of the Star Crystals. She sends out her minions, Iron Mouse, Lead Crow, Aluminum Siren, and Tin Kitty, who keep turning people into Star Stealers when they get their Star Crystals. Looks like the Scouts have their work cut out for them!

Thank you so much for your support of Toonami. We're also nearing a deal to expand our Toonami line-up this summer with Escaflowne, Cowboy Beebop, and Ursula's Kiss. Stay tooned!

D. Leugner, Director of Programming at Cartoon Network"

This message has been loaded with inside jokes, and in my original version, I even used the name of a member of my favorite band as the person who supposedly received the original e-mail. Basically, people - DON'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ! The Internet is often filled with false information, as anyone familiar with this website can relate to. Please, folks - use your heads. Don't pass something along that seems fake, and to whoever changed the joke in order to confuse unsuspecting fans - you should be ashamed of yourself. I hope that now that I've written the truth behind this rumor that the word will get out that this is fake and that less fans will be confused by someone else's even more twisted idea of a joke.

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