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  Guest Article: March 15, 2000

Opinions and the People Who Have Them

By: Rebo Valence

I was compelled to write this lemure after reading Cherry's article about opinions on websites. I must say that I completely disagree that the opinions of the webmaster do not belong on their website. While it does depend on the type of site and where they show up on the site, opinions are really what drives websites in the first place.

Where do opinions belong? In their own sections. Certainly, a profile for Sailor Mars should not read "Rei is a total *bleep* and she's the worst Senshi! What does she dye her hair with, Kool-Aid?" That's mixing fact with opinion. However, clearly marked opinions at the end of the page are certainly welcome, or even an entire portion of your site dedicated to your thoughts on the show. Mind you, the above statement does invite flames, and if you do write opinions at the end, you would be well-advised to mark them as your own and think them out. But that's another Lemure, and in fact, that's also my opinion (See, it works!)

In truth, why do we put up a website in the first place? It may serve to inform, but there's another reason-You want to tell the world just what you think about this show. There's thousands of Sailor Moon websites on the Internet! How else can one possibly keep their site fresh without mixing in their own thoughts on the show? After all, the characters histories and facts don't change (Or rather, SHOULDN'T change). What does change? Your thoughts. I may say that Usagi acts like her brains were replaced with freeze-dried peas at birth, but you may believe that Usagi is a very competent individual who might even be smarter than Ami if she applied herself. It's unique viewpoints and arguments that keep websites fresh, because they let you see an opinion that's different from your own. Even if you still disagree, you must agree that you have learned something.

Finally, on the issue of flames, let's be honest-People who flame have nothing better to do. Cursing flames and especially threatening flames aimed at someone who, say, thinks that Luna is cooler than Artemis, are from people who are so opinionated that they can't see beyond their own viewpoints anyway. You take the risk of this every time you state any viewpoint of your own. You shouldn't be afraid that what you say about Kaolinite's dress is going to get you ostracized. Tact, of course, is of the essence when you state an opinion ("Kaolinite's dress is far too revealing" as opposed to "Kaolinite dresses like a slut"). It's your opinion, right? Of course not everyone agrees with it! If everyone made sure they never said anything that might differ from other thoughts, this would be a downright boring planet.

Opinions basically define the entire reason why people use the Internet anyway-To post their thoughts about whatever they can think of for all the world to see. And besides, if you don't like what someone is saying on the net, you can always move on. Such as this Lemure. If you think that I'm completely full of Daimon Goo, then you have every right to tell me. That's what free-thought is about, right?

P.S.: The above mentioned comments do not necessarily represent my views on Senshi or villains...they are just examples.
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