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  Guest Article: February 21, 2000

Does your opinions really count?

By: Sherry

Hi to all fellow webmasters and webmistresses! If there's I learned, being a webmistress for 3 years, it's that Opinions Kill!

I usually go around other websites looking at their nifty little "mail bags" (which usually contains flames) because I thought they were funny to read and interesting. I realized that most of them were stupid comments about the opinions of the webmaster/mistress. I was amazed how people would get so mad over a comment about an anime character.

I never received anything like it because I never posted any of my opinions or personal information on my website. Occasionally I would get a nice "flame" telling me that I've posted wrong information or my games aren't working, that kind of stuff, you know, (this type of "flamers" usually offer the correct information or help.) but not extreme ones that involves cursing or threats. Trust me, I've seen website mailbags with really rude messages and guestbook entries. Some even threatens to kill the owner of a certain page if whatever they didn't like was taken down.

You should know where I'm getting, I'm not saying that expressing your ideas is bad or anything, but don't criticize. You'd have so much less flames to deal with, and there's probably no need to start a mail bag (even though it's probably fun). If you're average, you'd like to read compliments and not flames. Compliments promote me to work harder, and flames just makes me feel that I did something wrong, and I'd feel like I shouldn't be doing it.

Plus, mad visitors wouldn't come back to your site, when they COULD have been a repeat visitor. You're losing, not them. They'd be pissed for one solid minute and then totally forget it the next. If you want to do business, you must realize this Lose-Win situation! THINK for your visitors, never for yourself. Why? Because that's how business works. Even if your site is personal, DO realize that many things you do with your website does involve business, even though you may not be aware of it. Check your site. You must have SOME sort of link to other sites, which in turn, is promoting traffic for them. You probably have those sites linking back to yours, or a link exchange. And yes, that's business. Some of you might promote advertising or other third party references that earns you a little money.

That makes personal information and opinions on your site a big no-no. Because people don't care what YOU want, they go to your site probably to find information and such, unintentionally stumbling upon something YOU said that they didn't WANT to read. If you promote something on your website that's interesting to them and decides to find out more about it, that's when online advertising is worth its value. If your site is piled with YOUR junk and things YOU like, articles and ads unrelated to your website's topic, then they won't like your site! It's simple as that. Even if your site has won $10,000 for best designing, it has to be relavent.

...And last, trust me, on the internet, people could care less about your opinions... maybe even criticize them.

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