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  Guest Article: July 12th, 1998

You Think You're Cool?

By: KaiouSei

In addition to Rowena Lim's writing, I would like to say that many of these sites with "The Best Sailormoon Page In The World" or something of the sort just seem plainly dull. I think instead of attracting visitors, it does the opposite, I mean who would want to go to a website just because the owner had the wits to put up such a stupid title? Perhaps the visitors would go because they're curious about if the page lives up to the title. But to the visitors' dismay (as usual), these sites are no better, probably worse than sites which have "normal" titles.

It's hard to think of a creative title, but it's not an opinionated choice between different visitors, they can't debate over the title. And this cancels any confusion anyone might have (I think). How many times have you gone to a webpage where the title is an egotistical lie? The site has a clashing background with text, half of the images are broken (because the links were stolen), and most of the links to other sites are outdated or discontinued. For this it's considered "My Best Sailormoon Site"!? No way.

But say that you created a shrine to one of the characters (that no one elsehas done), then you still shouldn't call it "The Best Site!" Sure it's an accomplishment, but that ain't no excuse, bud.

In conclusion, I would like to say that if any of you egotistical website owners are reading this, I would like you to say to yourself "What the h*ll was I thinking when I put the title!?!" I certainly hope this writing has changed your ideas on website titles.

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