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  Guest Article: June 20th, 1998

The Great Ego Trip

By: Rowena Lim

How many times have you surfed through SM pages and saw huge, glaring titles like "My Totally Awesome Sailormoon Page"? or "(Place name here)ís Cool SM Page"? I know Iíve already lost count.

The bad part is, almost none of the sites carrying these egotistical titles ever live up to it! Whatís more, a lot of them actually suck in the most major way. But why do SM page creators continue to plaster these titles on their pages? Some possible reasons are:

  1. The person has an inflated ego, and itís his/her nature to brag.
  2. The person thinks that putting positive adjectives like "awesome, cool, great, super, etc." would attract more visitors.
  3. The person really does think that his/her page is "awesome, cool, great, super, etc.".
  4. The person thinks its "cool" to have this kind of title.
First of all, thereís not much we can do or say if the person has an ego problem. Secondly, a load of positive adjectives has never been a proven method of getting more hits or attracting more visitors. Check the counters of these pages and see for yourselves. Whenever I encounter pages with these kinds of titles, I usually dismiss them because I find these titles downright irritating, and I know enough from experience that hardly any (if not none) of these sites are ever even halfway decent. Thirdly, if the person really thinks that his page deserves all those adjectives, then he/she is entitled to his/her own opinion. Lastly, itís a myth that itís "cool" to have this kind of title. The only people who can objectively judge how an SM page fares are the visitors! People tend to forget that whatís cool for some isnít necessarily whatís cool for others.

I am not saying that itís wrong to have these types of titles, because these things are very subjective. They depend on different viewpoints of different people. All Iím saying is perhaps before we move to create another SM page, or any type of page for that matter, we could try to exercise a little more creativity in naming it. It will be after all, what your page will be known as on the net. And if you are really convinced that this type of title is what your page should have, just make sure you can live up to it.

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