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  Guest Article: July 14th, 1998


By: Sailor Yohko

Awards.. yes, yes, everyone has them.. it's a trend just like link exchanges, web rings, bad sailor moon pages, and much more! Not to mention I fall in 2 of those categories.. lol but that's not the point! So now if we can't get rid of the things (they seem to be multiplying like rabbits!) then what do we do!? Yes everyone we pick and choose. But right now I'm just babbling about awards..

Award #1 Hi.. guess what! You're the loser who came to my page so you get the "Super Otaku for having no life" award. Wow, aren't you special! I'll just slap your link on my page and never speak to you again.. good job you like visitor.. thanx and come again!

Award #2 Hello, and you know what? Since you're nice and you gave me an award i'm giving you another award. But no, it's special, it's my "thank you" award. So it doesn't have any real meaning except it's to clutter up your award page and make you feel special. Yah, isn't it great? Now you can show everyone you not only have a bad site BUT you're a good person.. well um.. deep down

Award #3 Welcome to my page. So you want this award. Well, after you get it you need to link to my site, say when you got this, say why you got it, sign my guestbook, rank my site, join my webring, and wipe my ass. Hey wow, you actually did all that!? great now you can have the award.. here ya go..

Award #4 Hi you're my best friend. want my award? what your page isn't even related to anime!? That's ok, you're still cool. Take the damn award already.. speaking of which hand it out to your friends.. yah here's the url but I mean dont give it to EVERYONE.. just the other 90% of the SM net.. ok have fun and great work and a shitty not even SM page.. remember you get it for being my FRIEND!

and finally we have the last common award you'll see...Award #5 So you have a great page. Link me if you want. Just wanted to show you that your page is one of the best. You may have tried for this award you may not have. None the less you're a great webpage owner. Keep up the great work.

Well there you have it! All the most common awards you'll find. So what do you do with all of these? Well you could not accept them or you could choose which are you fav or apply for certains for respectable sites. Now that brings up another thing.. what if you apply for a high standard award but instead...

Well I wanted to say thank you for your lesser award but I have one small problem with that. I feel that if someone applies for a certain award and does not make it you shouldnt just bipass the

situation with "here have a different award.. shut up and be happy" That doesn't work.

Here's the solution offered...

    Now I applied for your Best award and you have your own opinion and did not see me fit for the honor.. which that is fine but instead of giving me some other award that does not benefit the SM web community by improving SM site standards. So Im not asking for your opinion on improving my site so I may get that award.. Im asking for your opinion on improving my site to have a first response veiwing pleasure of that award status. So next time someone applies for a certain award.. don't hand them off a runner up prize.. just say "hey man your site sucks why dont you do blah blah and improve it.. but if you'd like you can have this award instead.."
    ~an agravated award winner~
That was an email I sent in. So in conclusion (finally) awards have become such a trend that they also reflect the qaulity of your page and you as a person. When giving an award dont just hand over a substitue or say no.. give helpful hints on making a page better.. that shows you care and want to help and remember awards shouldn't be big huge pictures with scribbled text on it.. they should be creative and and low quality. The pictures speak for themselves.. you have a great page and ultimately you recieved a great looking award from someone who obvious has good taste in graphics and the web. So well i'm done complaing I suppose. But that's just one thing that gets my gripes!

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