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  Guest Article: June 18th, 2001

The Homophobia Epidemic

By: xoe

Lately, as I've been browsing through the Net on those long, (and I mean LONG) summer nights, I've come across something that is quite disturbing to me among the Sailormoon community. I don't know when this began to pop up over all of those Sailormoon websites, but I am finding it a slight problem now that I see it all too frequently. What am I talking about you may ask? Why, it's none other than homophobia.

With a joyous grin on my face, I would click a link to a "shrine" dedicated to Haruka and Michiru. With a disappointed frown, I would leave the "shrine" only to figure out that it was dedicated to how much Haruka and Michiru sucked (excuse the French). It wouldn't have such a terrible experience had there been LOGICAL explanations as to why the two lesbian Senshi were "sucky" so to speak, but of course, the only reason why they were proclaimed this horrible adjective, was because of course, they were lesbians.

I've not only noticed the intolerance with Haruka and Michiru, but also with the Starlights as well. The fact that these web creators cannot deal with the fact that the Starlights are well, confusing as to their what their actually is, is making me somewhat ticked off. The fact that kids hate cartoon characters because of this is what's ticking me off even more.

What, may I ask, is so bad about loving one of the same sex? Is there a problem that I'm not aware of? Why has our generation suddenly become so intolerant of the "alternative lifestyles"? And more so, why has it suddenly become intolerant of homosexuality in anime?

I'm not here only to complain about what's been going on lately, I'm writing this to make a statement. I want to say, to everyone who is planning on making a Sailormoon website, don't make a page dedicated to how much you hate certain Senshi JUST because they are homosexual. It's a waste of web space (and we don't need any more of that between the popup porno and advertisements for credit cards). If you can't take the homosexuality of the characters, then you don't need to be making a website at all and you can just sit there acting intolerant about the situation watching the dubbed episodes where everything is filtered out. In the real world, not everyone is conformed to the "Man meets woman. Man loves woman. Man marries woman. Man rocks the casaba," string of nature. In the REAL world, those childish opinions of homosexuals will not get you very far (and probably a punch in the eye IF you're lucky), so, while the community might tolerate homo-hate on the Internet for now, it won't be that way for long.

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