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  Guest Article: December 15, 2001

The "Anti-Anti-Anti" Circle of Hate

By: Xazy

When someone likes something a lot, they may create a website, webring, or webclique. The same goes for people who greatly dislike something. Anti-websites, anti-webrings, or anti-webcliques. When someone doesn't like the "anti movements", they may create an anti-anti movement. Some examples of this chain:

Hentai Friendly -> Hentai Free -> Hentai Free Free
Sailor Mars Club -> Anti-Mars Club -> Anti-Mars Hater's Club

All I can ask is why? Why can't people agree to disagree? Why do we insist on beating eachother down in pointless games to see who can create the best anti-anti-anti... movement?

There used to be a time when I might have said, "Dude, look. Nobody is forcing you to like or dislike something." Unfortunately, with such big, prominent, overacting groups, sites, clubs, cliques, etc., that's really not true anymore. I don't even -visit- Sailor Moon sites anymore, aside from this one [AQ's WPR], but it seems like no matter what sites I'm visiting something related to it comes up. I don't -care- if you LOVE or if you HATE Sailor Mars. I don't -care- if you support some group dedicated to annoying the hell out of people who support Sailor Uranus' relationship with Sailor Neptune. If I cared about which Sailor Moon characters you like, I'd visit your Sailor Moon page. Don't have one? Then make a seperate section on your existing page. Just don't shove it in my face. It's not so important which character you think sucks and which character you adore if your flashing of loud anti- and anti-anti-banners interferes with people who may have otherwise liked your sites.

Get a life or get out. There are more important things to fight over.

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