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  Guest Article: December 3rd, 2000

So THAT'S Where They Get It!

By: Julie "Xazy" Holden

Everyone knows how annoying it is when a newbie to the "SM Online Community" creates a web site that mixes dub information with the original Japanese, right? I made a startling discovery: newbies and uninformed people are NOT the only ones who do it! I was visiting the Cartoon Network/Toonami website, a fairly official site, and logically thought I would find factual, pure one-or-the-other (mostly expecting dub) information. What I found was rather disturbing. The following was taken directly from the Toonami website's "Sailors Uranus & Neptune" page(my comments added):

"Sailor Neptune and her cousin, Sailor Uranus, (ugh, the cousin thing) arrived on Earth with a mission: to find three mystical talismans. (Talismans? I thought they were called pure hearts?) These magic items, when combined, were rumored to form the Holy Grail. (Huh? This was called the purity chalice, right?) Sailor Moon and the rest of the team were unaware of this mission when they first met these two new Sailor Scouts, (Scouts. Ick.) and almost made needless enemies of Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus before they discovered that they were allies. Sailor Neptune, whose real name is Michiru, (Michiru? Michelle?) is a quiet, but brilliant, girl. As Sailor Neptune, she has the power to control water. Her close friend and cousin, (Cousins again.) Sailor Uranus [also known as Haruka] (Whatever happened to Amara?) is the more athletic and outgoing of the two. Sailor Uranus has an unusual schoolgirl persona. When the Sailor Scouts first laid eyes on her, they thought she was a boy! Mina (Dub names again, now?) was even overheard saying: "This person is the ideal man." When she found out that Haruka was actually a girl, she was really surprised! As Sailor Uranus, Haruka has the power to control earth. "

I thought a semi-official source would give straight info. Guess I was wrong. And now, watch as happy copy-and-pasters once again mix their Dub and Original info together, thanks to their "offical" source. :D

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