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  Guest Article: July 21th, 1998

In Support of the Quartet

By: Travis Dunlap

This goes out to those who think members of the Amazoness Quartet or any web page reviewer is too harsh on the people they review.

Regardless of what the government says, the Internet is still a public domain. That means that any material posted on the Internet is subject to public review. It also means that any member of the public has the right to critique a web page or any material on a web page as they see fit.

Older materials such as movies and books are all subject to the same treatment. When you publish a book or put a movie on screen, you give the public the right to see the material in any way they wish. Critics, such as Siskel and Eibert, cannot be sued for any opinions they give in a review as long as all facts in the review are accurate. In fact, many suits have been filed against them for their reviews. All have failed. Due to the first amendment, even someone such as myself can publish a review of a movie or book or anything I wish. It's called an editorial.

The Internet is slightly different, however. We no longer have to rely on a third party to see that our opinions are heard by the world. We all now have the ability to publish a web page and say anything we wish about the world around us. It is a tremendous responsibility.

To those who dislike what the Quartet says, I urge you to make your own webpage. Speak out against the web reviewers, no one can stop you. I simply ask you to stop being hypocritical about a person's freedom of speech. Remember the web reviewers may be very hard on people, but when you flame, email bomb, or create anti-pages against them, you are being just as hard on them.

Isn't freedom great.

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