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  Guest Article: April 17, 2001

Your Page Makes Me Sick

By: Tellu (from Tellu Reviews)

(Tellu)This makes me sick
(Eudial)I know I feel you, that's why we gotta stick together
(Tellu)Yep Yep Yep *laughs* I know it...

Your page makes me sick
Had one look and I'm hatin it
Got me ticked like a crazy chic
Going insane with that Javascript, I'm getting sick, I gotta get a grip
And it's drivin me crazy-Won't this ever quit?
I can't stand it
You got me goin again
You got me goin again
Your page make me sick

It took me eighty five minutes to download
with my T1 Modem. I was getting kinda teary-eyed and woozzy
Cuz It had yellow type on a red back
You told me that it would be the best page
I've ever seen in my life,
told me layout wouldn't take long to download
But I'm saying now, "I don't really know though"

The more I investigate...It made me feel weak.
It had me in a zone -- The page showed me errors that I never saw before
Think you're smooth with your stolen graphics,
Think your so cool but your page isn't game
The fact you directly linked others images
Is Driving me insane!

Repeat Chorus

After the 6th refresh now
Gotta close all the vote windows out now
And I'm in need of a good cold drink now
Wonderin should I really keep reviewing this site
You told me that this page was really worht it,
Again, how many times have I heard this
Kinda funny, but I'm getting fed up now
But then my Knees got weak...the image gallery
was all directly linked

Anyway it was 2 or 3, I had just goten done with reviewing the page
You think your site's cool but it's just a big pain
Even though I got a laugh out of it
I still told him this...

Repeat Chorus 2x

Can' no no
Oh, this makes me sick
Had one look and I'm hatin it...hatin it...hatin it

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