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  Guest Article: December 15, 2001

Description and Plots

By: Tatl

What bugs me sometimes is the total lack of description that people have, or TOO much description. I have read some fanfics that make me want to punch my fist in to the computer. I've read other ones that after 5 minutes I get so bored I just stop reading. I read one fan fic that had almost NO description. There was a fire in Serena's house and her whole family died. So she runs to Darien's house and says, "Darien, my whole family is dead, can I stay with you?" HELLO? This made me want to like flame the author!

Well I didnt, but I wanted too. Anyway, dont you think that Serena would be overcome with grief, that she would cry in Dariens arms, that Darien would comfort her??? Here is an example of too much description: Serena entered her room. There was a pink window on one side and in the middle of the room was her pink ruffly bed with angels on it. next to that was her desk with tons of papers and pencils on it. On the left side of her bed was a bookcase with a radio and a large collection of barbie dolls. one shelf had cd's and magazines... Blah blah blah. I dont CARE! A good description for a room could be: Serena entered her room. There was a single window over her pink bed. Her desk was a mess and the bookcase had a large collection of barbie dolls. That's it! We dont care where the bed is or what is on her covers! It also bugs me like hell when people describe a character like this: She had blue eyes and brown hair and was tan. Maybe you could say something like she had a sad look in her eyes, her brown hair was long and went past her back, she had tan skin that glowed in the sun. That's a little better. Remember that description isnt everything in a story, but it's a major part that adds to the beauty of the plot. Of course, if your plot sucks, description can't make up for that.

Which reminds me. Plots. There are some plots that I have seen OVER and OVER again. Ok here is an example: Queen Crystallia has a plan to take over the world. She decides to drain energy. The scouts stop her. She wants to kill them. Eventually the scouts kill her off. This plot is overused over and over again. Also this "Crystallia" or whatever the villain is called is usually just bad and looks evil and wants to avenge beryl or something.

Bad guys dont just WANT to kill unless they were brought up that way. But sometimes, people make them want to kill for the dumbest reason. Like someone teased them too much or avoided them because of their looks or likes. Ok, that is pretty mean but you're not going to go KILL someone for that! Like wow you're so mean, I'm going to take this knife and stab you! Now, maybe if that person killed their family and home, now they may have a reason for murder. Also, I'm not saying that people dont do this, but I dont usually see the bad guy as an actual GUY. It's usually beryl or evil queen sapphire or crystallia or universe etc. So before writing your story, think about what the other person might expect and then sort of do the opposite.

And there is another thing to writing fan fiction that you have all heard before over and over. Just HAVE FUN!

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