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  Guest Article: June 3rd, 1998

Thumbs up or Down, a smile or a frown?
(A note on 'bad awards' and 'good awards' systems.)

By: Sunni Yuen

Obviously, we are all familiar with the Amazoness Quartet's Awards Page. Some of us hate them, some of us love them, some of us don't care. It all depends on whether you agree with their philosophy or not. They believe in criticizing Sailor Moon pages; good and bad, thus awarding 'good' or 'bad' awards to recipients. Being featured as a 'good' or 'bad' page will ensure that your page gets lots of hits and compliments; or flames if you're the latter.

If your website qualifies as a 'good' page, your site will probably never recover from a sudden flood of hits from surfers. Some websites are so popular that they've become immortal and are worshipped incessantly. A problem with that is that everybody's expectations for such a popular site keeps growing and the webmaster must constantly refresh the site to fulfill the satisfactions of the visitors and keep its reputation as a 'good site'. Also, prepare for emails from jealous people and adoring people alike. Expect a flood of both positive and negative reviews but most people will support you.

If your website qualifies as 'bad', majority of the SM Internet Society may turn their backs on you, until you either take off your website or completely wipe it off and start anew. The Amazoness Quartet (and pages that are alike) usually give guidelines on how to make good pages; straightforward directions on good layout, good content and such. These guidelines should be taken into consideration if you're ever told that your webpage is not satisfactory.

The problems arise not in what awards you get, but your reactions to the awards. The webmasters of some 'good sites' have become used to everybody adoring their websites and thus cannot deal with people who negatively criticize their sites. The usual reaction is rage.

Whereas the webmasters of some 'bad sites' get angry at being awarded 'bad awards'. In fact, some develop such low self-esteems that they their lives are shadowed and they begin to believe that they are the 'scums of the earth'. The only real 'scums of the earth' are those who completely plagiarise off others and therefore are undeserving of any positive recognition.

The solutions to these problems? Simple. Always look for improvements and accept criticism. Do not think that you have a high and mighty site, that everybody should like (no website is perfect) and do not think that you have the worst site on earth, that everybody should despise. What people say about your websites are only their opinions. The best critic is yourself. Be yourself and use your own ideas! This will not only express your creativity but will stress the originality of your site to others. Some webpage reviewers may hate your site, others may accept or like it. There are a number of SM webpage reviewers that are like the Amazoness Quartet. Such as the Needleleaf Society, the M-Squad, and Fifth Witch Laughs. Take the criticism, make changes and try for another award from another awards system.

If your website is considered strictly average and is not nominated for either 'good awards' or 'bad awards', it's still OK. The real recognition and honor comes from being satisfied with your own website and your skills in being able to take advice and use it well. Being humble and accepting about your website, itself, makes you worthy of a 'good sportsmanship' award.

Comments on this article can be sent to: Sunni Yuen.

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