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  Guest Article: March 15, 2000

Haruka and Michiru

By: eTeRNiTy SouL

I don't understand people who dislike the relationship between Haruka and Michiru. I think they are the best couple in Sailor Moon. Okay, people have favorites and it's so normal if their favorite couple is not Haruka and Michiru. But I want to tell something to people who hate them because they share a homosexual relationship and are perfect all the time.

Why do you hate them? They're lesbians? Oh, c'mon! Don't hate a person for his / her sexual choice, appearence, etc. First, look at the personality!

They tried to kill Sailor Moon? I accept that they did, but their mission was to form Sacred Cup and she completely destroyed it. I don't believe they actually tried to kill her, they just wanted to give her a lesson and warn her. At least they had a reason. They are acting so cold? This the way they are. They are supposed to be like that. They have no time to spend for fun.

Haruka can seem cold and ruthless and Michiru can seem a bit selfish, but they aren't. Because Ruka has an emotional inner self that she rarely shows (usually for Michiru) and Michi often cares for other people. They seem like that, because they have an eternal duty and this is just the way they are supposed to be. What do inners do? They defeat monsters with funny powers, say simple, usual things and do stuff like those. But Haruka and Michiru should take it serious to be Sailor Soldiers like other Outer Senshi, because their job is different; more serious and more difficult. Haruka is very protective of Michiru and has an eternal love for her. Haruka is the true person for Michiru, because she's always sincere for Michru and she has to spend the rest of her life with her. They are more intelligent, more mature and more romantic. They have a reason, they have an aim in life.

As they always say, this is their way! None of the inners lost their pure heart crystal to get the talismans, or could be smart enough to get the power of Galaxia and attack her. See them when they could do this kind of stuff! Actually there is something between them that is more than love, that is their destiny. They can't live without each other. They are... Born to live for each other!

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