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  Guest Article: April 17, 2001

Anti-Free Web Graphics Sites

By: Snow White

A piece of disclaimer first. I myself own a free web graphics site and what I'm going to express in this article may upset some people. But I wish to express something that has been bothering me for a while.

First of all, when we all go into a free web graphics site, what do we look for? Quality web graphics of course, mainly main layouts since these are the ones that will give you inspirations on the outlook of your site.

The problem is just like WPRs sites, (no offence to Witches 4 ^.~) I noticed a sudden sprung of web graphics sites. Most of them were part of an existing site and the site owners includes them simply to offer more services to their visitors, in the hope that they will bookmark their site and come back often. This trend somehow upsets me, not because i'm facing stiff competition for web traffic, rather, I found that some sites displayed rather poor quality web graphics for offering. In many cases, the site owners themselves are using free graphics from other more established web graphics site for their site construction.

Somehow, I feel that if these site owners doesn't feel confident enough to make their own web graphics to construct their own sites, what makes them think that their free web graphics will be a service? Or worse, simply reproduce another free web graphics site's graphics as their own for taking? Shamelessly asking for links back if someone uses them?

I understand that making web sites is all about fun. However, it is no longer fun when there is not much originality, even in the creative world of making web graphics.

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