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  Guest Article: September 1st, 2000

Standing Ovation!

By: Silverfire

As my site begins to near it's two year anniversary (OMG that's this month?), I have taken to surfing around the Internet and looking at other sites.

I never realized how many 'older' sites there were…and how so few remained. I was sad when sites went away, especial sites that were my first experience with SM WebPages. But I don't want to dwell on the past. Rather I want to send out a standing ovation to a few very special sites dear to me.

Congratulations to Bunny, tour guide of Bunny's Tour Through Silver Millennium. She has just recently reached four years and I admire that. This was the first Sailormoon themed website I ever visited. And I am glad to see it still going strong. Her page has always been a great quick reference site, and she really inspires one to try their best.

Congratulations to the AQ, they too are coming up on a four-year anniversary. They have provided months of entertaining articles, a guide to the dos and don'ts of Webpage making. Supplying us with the sites to see and place to avoid has help keep my crummy browser from biting the big one. I hope to see these crown princesses of SM mayhem around for a while longer.

Lady Wren and Danielle, owners of Lady Wren's Sailormoon Shallow then Hallow, have some of the best manga scan galleries I know of. If I can't find the picture I want, then sometimes if I ask nicely enough they can help me find it. Both of these ladies are courteous, and have some of the quickest loading and beautiful layouts I have seen.

Emrys of TAATN has become a sort of den mother for those of us who love all things naughty. She is witty, her site is a wonderfully set up tribute to the under appreciated villains. She has provided a place for villainous fanworks, including the now (in)famous Black Acre. She has a large amount of information, scans from the Materials Collection. She has a message board frequented by many people I am happy to call friend.

I want to congratulate all the webmasters who has made it past 2 years. It takes patients and creativity to keep a page going for so long. I tip my hat of to you. You all deserve a standing ovation.

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