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  Guest Article: March 11th, 2000

Mistakes, Mistakes, and yes More Mistakes

By: Silverfire

What is it that makes people create really crappy pages, ESPECIALLY about Sailormoon? I don't understand this at all. What drives these people to scramble information, direct link, blind us with terrible font colors, etc? And many of these mistakes can be easily changes with just a little effort. And it really irritates me that people keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

Direct Linking
Major no-no. People it can not be stressed enough how bad this is. Direct linking makes your page and the page your linking from SLOWER! People are not going to wait around forever for an image to load; they are going to move elsewhere. And if a person has to pay for their page and you direct link, then you are driving the cost of their page up as well (if I remembered how exactly this worked I would tell you but I don't, I know it has something to do with bandwidth). Take a hint; download the image to your page.

Copy Cat
Copying another pages layout and info and graphics is also something that is not done. People put a lot of time and effort into the way they write something, edit the images, and to have someone go and copy it for their page is very frustrating. Not only that, but it sets you up a prime target for review pages such as the AQ or Small Lady. And who would want to be at the mercy of their sarcastic, dry humor? Take the time to present the information in your own, original format.

Busy Layouts
Layouts that are too busy are also a distraction. By busy I mean lots of pictures. Or maybe they have a background that is too bright and you can't see the text. Mixing colors that should be together (example orange and purple). These things can either blind the visitor, or make them leave in a hurry. Small simple, fast downloading images, easy to read text are keys to at least keeping the visitor there so they read what you placed up. Don't think that good images are a substitute for text either. Just because the graphics are pretty, but the information sucks mean you have a good page. Nothing is a substitute for good, well thought out content.

Grammar, Grammar, Grammar
Spelling, punctuation and sentence structure is important. And it is really easy to correct if you take the time. I use Windows to spell check and grammar check, and if that fails I get a friend to help me proofread. Correcting simple grammatical errors helps your page look sharper and makes it look as if you really understand what you are talking about.

False Information and Mix Ups
These are perhaps some of the WORST mistakes I come across. When I was new to Sailormoon, I stumbled upon pages that mixed anime with manga, and original with dub. I got names mixed; info mixed, and story line confused. One page reviewed by the AQ in March tells how Jupiter 'becomes the Queen's Own and her sole protector'. That to me sounds like the person is mixing Mercedes Lackeys, Heralds of Valdimar with the anime. Everyone is the protector of the Princess. It took me a lot of time and research to get everything sorted out again. That is why this stuff is such a danger. It seriously confuses those who are new to the series, and irritates those who are more knowledgeable. Take the time to research the information. Look for information that is consistent with other pages. If you are not sure about something, e-mail and ask someone. Go to message boards and forums, and chatroom. All it takes is a little time and effort to get everything clear as crystal. Do your homework, and don't confuse others.

Other Mistakes
There are other mistakes people make. And like all mistakes they are simply errors that common sense can correct. If you make an image gallery either thumbnail it, or is that is too much time for you, link the image and give a brief description. Give credit where credit is due. Create a page thanking the people that helped you, that you got info, or images, or graphics from; and provide links to those pages. Ask before you download. Sometimes people don't mind if you take a little of their wording, but it is polite to ask permission first.

There are pages all over the Internet that provides help with HTML image editing, and more. Go to these pages, take tutorial, practice what you learn. All these things can help you avoid making tragic mistakes that could get you targeted for a review from a review group.

Comments on this article can be sent to: Silverfire.

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