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  Guest Article: August 1st, 2000


By: Serenity Raye

After 12 hours, 2 liters of Pepsi, one bag of jellybeans, 16 screams of frustration, 5 computer malfunctions, and 5 Aspirins.
I have nothing but a headache.
You may be asking yourself. "What is she babbling about?"
I'll tell you.

Web page designs.

It all started yesterday at work. I was minding my own business, when suddenly. Inspiration hit me like a sack of potatoes. Quickly I pulled out a pad of paper and began scribbling down images, lists, phrases. Within a 1/2 hour I had mapped out a brand new webpage design. It was clean, simple, not too graphics reliant, and it was pretty. Well, I rushed home, and began searching for the perfect graphic.

5 hours later, I had it!

I started drawing up my layout. It didn't take all that long. I decided to bite the bullet and do a frames layout. Ha. Too bad I couldn't get it to work. Frustrated I dragged myself to be, vowing to start again the next day. And I did. Only this time, I got a new image. I made up all the pages for my layout. Meticulously spliced them, and set it up in a table. Finally I uploaded the images and sat back to view my work.

It looked FABULOUS!!!!

I sent it to my friend to view, and she said that it froze her computer. I tried another friend, they said that it took 5 minutes to load. Crestfallen I looked for the source of my problem. Turns out the images I was using was 5MB. And I had an image on each page.

I started to fix it, but couldn't work up the nerve.

So I trashed it all. I now sit before you, a women who has wasted nearly a day, and has nothing to show for it. This brings me to my point. Yes, there is a point to this tale. My newfound respect for all webpage designers. How they come up with original, pretty, and QUICK-loading pages, month after month, astounds me. I have much to learn before I can even think of making anything as beautiful as they do.

So to all those webmistresses (and masters) I tip my hat to you. Great Job.

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