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  Guest Article: August 1st, 2000

Targeted Age Group

By: THE Sailor Scorpio

This article was sent in on: July 1, 2000

*snort* This is another overused "excuse" and my biggest pet peeve. "Keep in mind their targeted age group..!" Ha. You want to talk about doing things purely because of their targeted age group? Okay. Does their targeted age group talk like a bunch of valley girls on helium? Or does their targeted age group go "mall trolling"? Does their targeted age group use any of this nonsensical slang? Does their targeted age group understand "cleavage"? or notice "panty shots"? or care??

You know what? I am a mother of a child in their targeted age group, and this is all PURE BULL. Yes, me - a known, huge SM fan is a *gasp* mother. *watches everyone faint* 0.0 Nope, I'm not just some ranting teenager - I am really a concerned parent in disguise who is righteously disgusted with all this BULL - so disgusted that I'm coming out and revealing something personal about myself that no one has guessed in three years. I'm a mother who wants the best for my kids, not some teenage otaku mouthing off.

I don't want my children watching this nonsense that is the English dub. It's disgustingly corny, can't keep it's own storyline straight, and certainly isn't done in a way that I find "unquestionably appropriate" for their targeted age group. I'm trying to teach my child to speak intelligibly, thank you.

People online who like it, like it just because "It's Sailor Moon!" - They've said as much time and again in their statements in defense of the dub: "I don't care if it sucks! It's more Sailor Moon!" Those are teenagers, not the targeted age group. As a mother of one of their targeted age group, this is NOT quality entertainment. We'll stick with SheRa, thank you very much. che...

Bishoujo Senshi SailorMoon is a wonderful and very touching story that my child understands even without knowing what they're saying - crying on sad moments, laughing at the mischief you can hear in their voices, making enthusiastic comments about their actions throughout as if we're really there witnessing it all.

After tentatively taking our hands off our ears from Serena's explosion of a voice, for a few seconds of the new dub, their targeted age group sat with a look of "this is weirding me out" and then said "I no like this, mom." and wanted to pop in Thomas the Tank Engine. Ha, in fact, just today while I had a fansub in to check some info, I got yelled at when I turned it back off! ^.^; And that is the final judgement. Teenage fans may support the dub because "it's all they have", but the targeted age group isn't watching - not in this house.

My concerns as a parent:

Most noticeably, we were horrified at Serena's new head-splitting voice. We were instantly uncomfortable and could only sit through a few minutes before it was announced, "I no like this, Mom!". (You've probably heard a lot about that voice by now, but it is just the first of my concerns, so please read on.) Serena's new voice simply does NOT fit the show, it is obnoxiously "fake", and, quite frankly, gave me headaches - not to mention repelling my child. I just simply cannot understand how these episodes were produced with such a frightening voice tone as if it were everyday norm. It most certainly is not. A voice like that is more fit for cartoons with little talking pink creatures. It's quite offensive and totally out of place in a show like Sailor Moon.

Even if that voice was tolerable, there are many other instances in the show that I find of concern. First of all, there are numerous inconsistencies that make it seem like three or four people wrote different versions that a fifth person came along and randomly stuck together.

Then, the characters are constantly tossing nasty insults and speaking in terms I don't think any mother of the targeted age group wants their child to learn. - "dis him" ... "you are so bomb" ... and much worse. I don't know any child that speaks like that, and I don't know any mother who wants their child to speak like that. It may be said that the targeted age group is 3+, but, the way the show is done, I don't even find it appropriate for older children.

The targeted age group in this house is no longer allowed to watch Sailor Moon - not that he cares, he already made his own decision.

"I no like this, Mom."

Yes, we have watched subtitled episodes of the original Japanese version of this show, and we are appalled at the difference! Even without knowing exactly what they are saying, my child becomes enthralled with the Japanese version! It's simply amazing. I find the Japanese version much more wholesomely done and much more likable by not only myself, but the targeted age group. Now, I understand even less why this season was done in such a half-baked manner. No, having the original Japanese music does not excuse, nor hide, the offensive nonsense that abounds in this newly dubbed season. In fact, it seems only to accentuate it.

If they are truly concerned for the children who will watch this show, it is my concern as a parent that they put in a little more effort and less offensive dialogue and slang. I, for one, do not want my child listening to such garbage. I find no such nonsense in the Japanese version - I don't understand why they feel the need to add it in.

We are trying to teach our child values and intelligible speech. Yes, entertainment is entertainment - not a classroom - yet rubbish is rubbish also. I don't want my child picking it up. Their targeted age group absorbs language and attitude like a sponge - whether good or bad. I choose our entertainment accordingly, and Sailor Moon is no longer one of those choices. Bishoujo Senshi SailorMoon, however, is.

Targeted age group my butt... Just take that Bull and put it out to pasture.

Sincerely disappointed,
THE Sailor Scorpio & family

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