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  Guest Article: July 1st, 1999

The Nonsense Of Editing... or "The Barbie Doll Incident"

By: THE Sailor Scorpio

ahem... Well, you hear about the stuff edited out of anime for release in the U.S.: blood changed to just black scratchy looking spots - "not allowed to have blood in children's shows" , and sometimes language and scenes that are "morally questionable" or "might give kids bad ideas", and the *gasp* nudity.

*takes a moment to rub temples* okayyyy, now for proof of the nonsense. Just because it's JAPANIMATION this kind of stuff should be edited?? That must be it, because you find that stuff ALL the time in AMERICAN cartoons.

I've noticed it a lot in *gasp* DISNEY shows. *faints* Disney?!?! That can't be! *rolls eyes* yep, well, I've always noticed how "pure" people see Disney as, but sometimes I get really disgusted with scenes they get away with. Just a couple: the talking tree with HUGE breasts (Pocahontas, I think) - was that really necessary? I found it distasteful..., women with large breasts smooshing some little kid's head into them while dancing or other such thing (just the way they were done... it grosses me out) - you see scenes like that all the time in DISNEY productions - American kids "are allowed" to see THAT, but not if it's in Japanime?

And a nitpicky one for the blood and swearing: Disney's Sleeping Beauty. When he kills the evil fairy(?) in her dragon form, there is blood flowing from the wound (red and unmistakable). And before that she had cursed him and used "HELL" *gasp*. Oh no! What has the world come to?!? *rolls eyes - knowing if she keeps rolling them at this rate, they're eventually going to get stuck...* ^_~*

Anyway, take a good look at Disney movies and shows. You'll find all kinds of "questionable" stuff in THEM. So, why is it so "evil" if it's from Japan? Is Disney above the standard?

Another point in case: The Last Unicorn - produced by "f.h.e. - Family Home Entertainment". It's rated "G" and there's 'nudity' in that. And I believe the "nudity" in SM is much like it is there - not detailed. I have two words that pretty much sum up the insanity of wasting energy/resources editing those parts, and I'm going to shout them, so you may want to plug your ears:


Geesh! *loses temper and grabs naked Barbie Dolls to run around bashing various companies on the head with them and asking if little kids are getting warped by seeing them and shouldn't THEY be banned from America..?*

*TV ad comes on showing a redhead in a Sailor Senshi outfit* We interrupt your program to ask you a VERY important question. *holds up a naked Barbie Doll* Does this offend you and warp your child? *giggle* I couldn't resist... I'm in a silly mood...

Anyway, it's not that I WANT to see "nudity". My point is that it's not necessary to edit it out in SM as it wasn't done distastefully (from what little I know) and all that energy/resources could have been used to get a better translation/dubbing! grrr

As for the editing of nudity (erasing of breast lines) in the transformation sequences... *sigh* I finally received my fansubs, and I have to say some maybe, perhaps, kinda, sorta were a little, teensy, weensy iffy... but only if you're watching for it, I'd say. My neighbor didn't even notice! I'm still adamant that it's ridiculous to waste resources on something so trivial. My mom would have had no problem whatsoever if I had seen these when I was little!!!

*gets off soapbox and picks it up, revealing it is full of more naked Barbie Dolls* Who's next..?

*evil grin*

Sorry, the insanity of it all just drives me insane. "Poor anime... Art thou doomed?"

* Please note, I am NOT bashing Disney - I am merely pointing out that most people need to take a second look at them as most people grow up with "Disney can do no wrong". Disney is not as angelic as people see it. That doesn't mean I hate it.

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