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  Guest Article: April 9th, 1999

Blowing Off Some Steam

By: THE Sailor Scorpio

"Earth to DiC...! ...and other relevant companies..."

They don't seem to understand that it's the diehard Moonies that are making them money. We watch, we spend money, we recruit new Moonies, the cycle continues. When Tv doesn't fulfill our 'needs', we seek other avenues - like the internet, like fansubs and fandubs.... hmmm, do the companies involved with the TV series make any money off those? I think not. Where there's a will, there's a way. We want Sailor Moon, and we will go to great lengths to get it. If one way doesn't pan out, we won't waste energy on it. There are plenty of other ways becoming more and more available. Quite frankly, they seem to think, "They'll take whatever we give them without complaint, no matter how chopped up."

Well, I'll be spending my energy elsewhere. I am scared to death that DiC will dub more episodes. Yep, you heard me. I DO NOT WANT DiC TO DUB MORE EPISODES. I don't want to see any more of Sailor Moon chopped off and hacked away at. It's a downright tragedy. I want subtitled OJV episodes and movies. UNEDITED!

Why are they so worried about making future episodes "rated G" for little kids? It's the older audience that is demanding more episodes! It's the older audience starting campaigns, writing letters, and making phone calls! It's the older audience that is seeking out every available option! It's the older audience that has money to spend! Little kids don't save their 1$ a week until they have enough to buy all the videos! They take that 1$ and buy candy. Wake up, people!

Also, I am REALLY confused about the big deal about 'little kids viewable' and how the things cut were taken out so as not to "give kids bad ideas". Have you seen America's "homemade" cartoons?!? OJV Sailor Moon is much more wholesome than all the cartoons I see kids watching these days. Yep, I see five and six year olds watching - and liking *gag* - Beavis and Butthead and other "American Quality" cartoons... ~_~ Really, people... You must be very misguided if you think OJV Sailor Moon is "too much" for NA kids.

My hope for the future of the Sailor Moon anime show in NA? What I see as a missed opportunity for profit for the companies involved so far? Subtitle the rest of them. Don't edit the content whatsoever - visual or audio. Give 'em a "PG-13" rating, or whatever you think is necessary. DO NOT market them for little kids and DON'T worry about it! Little kids have enough to keep them happy. It would also be nice to offer the 72 dubbed episodes and the missing ones in the same fashion - OJV, unedited, subtitled versions for the older audience to collect. Let us decide whether we can handle it or not!

Before I go, I'd like to say a little something about the SM manga in NA. MIXX isn't the best with public relations and customer service, and after FINALLY getting hold of the Pocket Manga, I can give a semi-knowledgeable opinion about it. The Pocket Manga itself looks great - none of that hideous junk that surrounds it in the 'magazine' form. The Pocket Manga is pure Sailor Moon - exactly what I wanted - something straightforward. wheee ^_~* Now, about the accuracy of the translation.... *shrug* I really have no idea on that. All I know is that the Pocket Manga SM looks a heck of a lot better than in SMILE. "Like gag me with a spoon totally!" -- heavy sarcasm -- *rolls eyes* Oh, Mixx... Mixx... Mixx...

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