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  Guest Article: November 1st, 2000

A Horror Story about Copycats

By: Sailor Saturngirl

A while back, I found a very disturbing message in my guestbook. It was a person who was nameless and of course, left no e-mail address. I was told that I had ripped off another website where the webmistriss is a friend of mine. Of course, I was infuriated. Besides the fact that the anonymous person told me that I should rot in hell which was very upsetting to me, my website did not copy the other website.

I'm a very sensitive person, so I was very hurt by the comments this person made. My first deed of action was of course was too e-mail the webmistriss. She told me that our websites were no way alike. She asked me for the IP number of this person and I got it and she went onto tracking it down. We were thinking of another person who hated her might've gone to my site because if incidents back in the spring that happened at a messageboard. We concluded it was not that person and just a random idiot.

Yes, there are web copycats out there. It has happened to many websites. People find something they like from another website and take it and copy it. When people do that, it shows how unoriginal they are. They don't take the time to think of their won ideas, their own layouts, etc.

In this case, it's entirely different. This person for some reason got the idea in his head that I copied the other website. The only similarity I see is that we're both villain based. Is that copying the other person's website?? I don't think so. Mine is only on the Shadow Galactica and hers is on all of the villains. If you think that is copying, then you need help.

In conclusion, before you go around blaming people about copying, check around all of both websites first. If you have most definite proof that one website copied, notify the webmaster who had their website copied.

Oh yeah, before I forget. Here are the links Crypt of the Animamates ( and Troublemakers and All Things Naughty ( Emrys-sama's website is far better then mine and always will be. Mine has a yucky layout. (What was I thinking?) But a new version is currently underway. Look at the two. Do you see any copying? I don't think so.

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