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  Guest Article: November 17, 2001

It's Everywhere...

By: Satika

Its been quite a long while since I have been active in anything Sailormoon over the Internet. Its been a long while since Ive watched any anime that you might know of (because the stuff I watch in Japan hasnt come to North America to my knowledge). But every so often, I check out some sites (like the AQ) just to see how things are going.

I suppose people must find something to complain about, but a while ago I saw many Lemures articles that seem to be aimed at one thing: Dubbed voices, and how horrible they are.

Ill be honest. I have never ever heard Serena's terrible voice yet. I cant compare how badly the voices are done in North America with how they are done in Japan. It strikes me as very interesting that many Sailormoon fans and anime fans alike seem to practically worship Japanese people and Japan, thinking that "they can do voices so much better than us".

Wow, are you guys ever wrong.

Ill give you an example: Terminator 2. Every Friday at 8pm in Japan, there is usually a Western movie showing. Of course, it is dubbed over in Japanese (but if you have a bilingual TV, you can make it play in English). I was watched Terminator 2 with my family, and I was shocked at how silly the voices were. Absolutely crazy. Eddie Furlong (John Connor) sounds like he is 5 years old. He had this annoyingly squeaky voice which I suppose is to convey youth, but really, it sounded like they hired a mouse to read his lines in Japanese.

Another nice example is Titanic. Ahhhh....Titanic. Whenever I go to karaoke with my friends, I cant tell you how many times I hear "Sing 'My Heart Will Go On'!" Even now. But anyway, in the Japanese television premiere of Titanic, Rose's voice was HORRIBLE. Beyond horrible. It was like the woman who played Rose was half asleep. Even when she is trying to find Jack in the lower parts of the ship, she isnt even sounding like she cares. It sounded like she didnt even care if Jack was alive or dead. In the original, she screams because she loves him, and would die down there trying to find the man she loved. In the Japanese version, it sounds more like if she didnt find him in 10 minutes, she'll go back upstairs and take a lifeboat out of there.

So, the point of this rant is to explain that North America is not the only continent to be afflicted with voice acting difficulties. I suppose things always sound better in the original version anyway...

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