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  Guest Article: July 13th, 1999

A Brief Message

By: Satika

It wasn't too long ago when I was sitting at my computer, checking my email, and a message came over ICQ. It was from Mara. She said she had a proposition for me, and the proposition was if I wanted to co-own Pluto Planet Power.

I almost went into shock. More than that, I was wondering why she asked me. So, I sought her out, and was quite shocked to see that, yes, she wanted to co-own it with me. Again, I almost went into shock....I mean, ME, of all people! But, I decided, "Why not?", and went for it. So now, Mara and I share PPP 50/50. It's kind of hard to believe, actually. I mean, its not every day you get 50% control over one of the most popular SM sites around.

After I got over the initial shock, the next thing that set in was fear, and it still lingers, to an extent. I'm scared people will hate me, or they will be like, "You suck!", or the SMGuide removing their 'review' of PPP from their guide because of me, or something along those lines. Also, I questioned myself. Can I really live up to her standard? Can I really handle this?

But, what I want to say is, I hope you will support me the way so many of you have supported Mara over the last two years. And also, please don't worry, Mara is still around. She will still be helping me, and if there is anything she wants to put up, I would post it. So, she will still be here, helping me when I need it. ^^;;

Also, I would like to say that one of the reasons I agreed to co-own PPP was the fact that I am a big fan of PPP, Mara, and Sailorpluto. I used to (and still do) love PPP, and I remember visiting it almost every day, even when it had that starry background, and the little dancing Pluto on the main page ^^;

In closing, I would like to say that I will try my best to live up to Mara's standards, and hope that you will support me as well, as you have Mara in the last 2 years. Thanks.

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