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  Guest Article: February 26th, 2002

Zoisite and Zoicite: To Me, They Both Rock

By: Sara

We all know the story of why there's a male AND female Zoicite. Zoisite, originally a gay man, was dubbed as a woman because closed-minded America said homosexuals were "inappropriate" for kids to see. The result? Zoicite, aka "Zoycite", a flaming bitch with an annoying laugh who shamelessly kills "Neflyte" and Tuxedo Kamen/Mask. Zoisite's the REAL version and Zoicite is only a clone, or Zoicite's the real one. Genders, name spelling, and lovers are interchangeable-Zoisite/Malachite, Zoicite/Kunzite, Zoycite/Kunzite, Zoecite/Malachite-it's all the same.

That is, to most people. Yes, there are the purists who will only accept the spelling "Zoisite" and the pairing "Kunzite & Zoisite" (Me included. ^_^;). Or the dub fans who prefer Zoicite and Malachite. But even so, it seems like everyone looks at it one way or the other. Male Zoisite or female Zoicite. Can't have em both.

If you've read my fanfiction, you obviously know I don't agree with this. Yes, I HATE how closed-minded America is and that they're so bitchy about kids' TV. But even so, Zoicite is as important to me as Zoisite is. To me, they are 2 different characters. And so are Kunzite and Malachite.

I know you're probably all thinking "Is she insane?!". Well, I am, but that's beside the point right now. :P If you are thinking that, you aren't the only ones. I've gotten quite a few raised eyebrows and comments about this, from the simple "Oh-kaaayy..." type ones to flames, worst flames ever being this one person calling me "baka" for using Zoicite in a fanfic once and this idiot in a chatroom telling everyone I was dumb, and making fun of my beliefs and got like, 3 other people to make fun of me....damn bastard nearly made me kill off both Zois! >< *guy gets hit by a truck*

*ahem* But as I was saying, I know this is a strange, weird, maybe even stupid opinion of mine. But I don't care. I'm sticking by this if I have to superglue it to my head. Flame me if you want (I need some new MST fodder anyway. >:P), but it'll be useless. I won't back down. I apologize if it makes me sound like a stubborn bitch. I'm not trying to fight or get into a flame war with anyone. This is just the way _I_ am, I'm not trying to force my opinions on anyone (That would go against everything I believe in).

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