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  Guest Article: January 24th, 2001

Presenting the Selfish Senshi!....or not

By: Sara

Everyone has a favorite senshi. Many of them like the senshi because they can relate to them, or because they enjoy the characters. Take for example Ami, who has tons of fans. I am not a fan of Ami at all, I really don't like her that much. People like Ami because they can relate to her and she's amusing.

People always identify with a senshi. As I glance through webpages at people's opinions of senshi, even if she's second, Michiru is always or usually criticized in some way. Why? Because she's perfect.

That's like hating ChibiUsa because she's short. Michiru is perfect, so everyone automatically must hate her because she's beautiful, intelligent, charming and kind. Of course, many people seem to think Michiru is a selfish, vain, self-absorbed bitch who hates the inner senshi.

Um, no?

Michiru is FAR from being bitchy. Michiru is extremely kind to the inner senshi, and to everyone. I noticed that many people point out that yeah, Haruka can be a giant bitch, but it's okay for her to be one but not for Michiru. That's completely illogical, saying that Haruka's allowed to be snappy and mean but Michiru can't.

Of course, those who do like Michiru coming second place always have the same excuse: "She's too perfect for my tastes." THAT'S why I like Michiru. And besides, if you automatically think of Michiru as perfect, you obviously don't understand her.

And another reason Michiru is an easy target it because she's homosexual. That's a *great* reason to hate someone, isn't it? "This person is a lesbian, she must be hated and stopped!" The senshi are all Shinto (It could be they're Christian - Haruka and Michiru DO talk about Adam and Eve...) which is probably a different religion than yours! Oh no! They should be hated too!

I hate it when people associate Michiru with being selfish. Michiru is far from selfish. Take episode 93, a perfect example. Usagi, wanting to impress Mamoru, decides to be like Michiru (Whom she deems as perfect) and learn to play the violin. As Haruka and Michiru are talking, they are soon interrupted by Usagi, playing Michiru's violin and causing a racket, in danger of possibly damaging the precious instrument.

Now, if someone were fooling with your most precious, valuable, treasured item, wouldn't you be just a *bit* mad? Michiru, being the "selfish bitch" she is, encouraged Usagi, telling her she looked pretty as she tried and then gave her tickets to a violin concert. Boy, how selfish can we possibly get?! And you know what else is selfish of Michiru? For her to give up her own life for Haruka's! That is *so* selfish, isn't it?

Although it isn't shown in the anime, Michiru can be a bit vain. In the manga, when Yaten insults her lipstick color, she gets so mad she snaps her lipstick tube in half, and then before that spends almost forever choosing an outfit which annoys Setsuna to no end. Michiru also gets a bit upset at Hotaru when she breaks her precious China dishes.

And so what if Michiru is perfect? Haruka fans seem to dislike Michiru only because she's perfect. Like I said, this is not only stupid, it's not exactly a good reason to hate someone. It's a shame that people think Michiru is a bitch. It's obvious that A) They have never seen the original Sailormoon or B) They're only seen the dub, where Michelle can be incredibly harsh at times.

Oh, and to continue the homosexuality issue: while posing on the Sailor Senshi Page forum, we were talking about Haruka and Michiru love scenes. The thread ended with a comment by someone saying something along the lines of he didn't hope 'Michelle' was 'gay' because he was her favorite and he didn't want his favorite scout to be gay.

That's why people hate Michiru. They say, "she's homosexual, therefore she's evil, so we must hate her". I have a friend who likes the dubbed Neptune because (to quote her) "the original Neptune is a lesbian, and the 'good' Neptune isn't." I got so mad at her I wouldn't talk for 4 days before I gave her my fansubbed tapes.

To conclude, why hate Michriu because she's perfect and has a female lover? That's like saying we should all hate Rei because she's 'mean' to Usagi and has 'funky' powers. (That'll be saved for another rant.) So if you read this article and want to flame me to high heaven, have fun. Maybe it'll get through to *some* people.

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