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  Guest Article: July 13th, 1999

Something I Have Noticed

By: Safox

Knowing some people that have closed their sites down, I hear the same thing over and over again. It's usually something about how they used to like Sailormoon but the SM community has worn me out on it.

And I understand.

I haven't had my page for very long, but I think I understand. What happened to all the fun? All people seem to care about now is who is closing what page or who's layout looks like what. I understand how people can get sick of it. Because people arent talking about the funny thing Usagi did, they are talking about image slicing and all the new trends. And HTML talk gets boring a lot faster than giggling over Usagi running to class .

I know the second I realize that I'm paying for Sailormoon tapes to make my page better instead of just watching for fun it will be time I close parts of my site. I think it's a sad when I hear people saying that their web site ruined Sailormoon for them, but people move on to new things.

To hear people talking about how they stayed in the SMC longer than they should have just because they felt it was their responsibility. Get out if it starts to make you bitter towards the entire show...and the online friends you made over the last couple years. Do it for yourself and for a show or character you love.

Is it too much of a good thing?

*watches Usagi run to school and smiles*

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