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  Guest Article: August 1st, 1998

How Do I Cheat Thee?

By: Rowena Lim

This little piece of poetry is dedicated to everyone in the SMWPR rating system.

(Note from CereCere: The SMWPR rating system Roween refers to was a code you could place on your page at one time, where people could rate your site on a scale from 1 to 10. The sites with the best ratings would make a top 10 list of sites. It has nothing to do with Web Page Reviewers.)

      How do I cheat thee?
      Let me count the waysÖ

      I cheat thee thatís why, I visit thee everyday
      And rank thee a one come what may

      I cheat thee thatís why, the ranking fragment I hide
      With passwords, or secret files, or in my hard disk deep inside

      I cheat thee thatís why, my snippet I tamper
      So thou can rank me eight, nine, or ten there after

      I cheat thee thatís why, I tell all my friends
      To help me rank thy site down to the ends

      I cheat thee thatís why, I give myself a ten
      Logging in and out again and again

      I cheat thee thatís why, I check every time
      If thy site has gotten way ahead of mine

      Why do I cheat thee?
      That is but a mysteryÖ

Important Notice: This is just a piece of satirical poetry I wrote to poke fun at the SMWPR. No, I do not cheat and I am not even part of this system at present. The cheats Iíve mentioned above really do happen, and Koy himself can vouch that I have reported numerous cheaters Iíve caught. This is for the sake of my friends who have been vicitmized by the rampant cheating in the SMWPR.

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