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  Guest Article: October 12, 1999

Sub's Dub's and DIC

By: RocK_M

Okay now I know that this topic has been discussed and talked about and ranted about a for as only God know's how long SM fans figured out that *gasp* there was 'actually' a *bigger gasp* Japanese version of SailorMoon!! and these Japanese episodes are "much" better and less( how shall I say it?) 'cheesy' than the english version and I feel I just gotta add my 2 cents in...

Well as this topic goes there's always been the two sides to the argument the people who adore and love DIC for providing us with the wonder that is SM and other's who TOTALLY want to (insert favourite 'hate' word here ie. kill) DIC for totally killing the series with the "horrible" dubbing of the series....

Now as I recall people these days people have got an option.. get stuck with the DIC dub version.. OR send someone X dollars for a fansub of the episode you want.. Now as it seems these days this popular argument most people who "hate" DIC will usually urge people to go for these "fansubs". Now don't get me wrong I admire the way people actually bother to take the time and sub these episodes but let's face it I don't actually have X cash to dish out to person Y to give me a fansub of Z episode that I want to watch.. personally I DO have other manga's to buy even if THEY "ARE" DUBBED! = BUT it seems to me that most of the reasons these days that people want a sub version of an anime is the reason that "The BEST ANIME IS PURE Subbed animes"..

Now I can repect this view coz I am STILL very much a PURIST and I DO want my animes to be as "original" as possible.. Only one flaw I can find to this view though.. Exactly what is a "best anime"??!?!

Come on!! Do they REALLY know what's the "BEST" and "PERFECT" way of anime?!?! Now I Do understand that "some" people actually "did" know what anime was even b4 watching SM BUT I guess it's pretty much safe to say that a LOT of ppl who didn't even KNOW what anime WAS!! until they watched sailormoon.. so how come now that they've suddenly been enlightened about "anime" and the difference between dubs and subs.. they start making their own assumptions that Jap is best?!?

Now this just leads back to my earlier mention of DIC and the 'cheesy' dubbing of SM.. It seems that some of these people are ready to kill of DIC and much worse for "butchering" the series.. Well it seems these people have missed out one simple fact... NO DIC NO ENGLISH SM!! and no english SM means that they wouldn't even KNOW what anime was!!

Okay no b4 I wrap up I DO have to say something.. I'm actually one of those DIC haters (i can see the flames coming now =) but why am I actually 'defending' subs and DIC?? Well that's pretty simple! DIC showed me SM! and sure they did a HORRIBLE job at it BUT the fact still stands that they're the one responsible for my "obsession" on SM =) and I actually respect them for that.. the other reason why I'm "defending" DIC is this: I have better things to do!! Now I see this issue in 2 ways.. I can get really worked up and make those kill DIC sites! but what does that do? nothing? I waste time, energy, etc.. OR I could just live with it and accept the fact that YES DIC is Bad and YES I hate them BUT I do have other things to do with my life and just get over it!

Well that's my 2 cents on the topic.

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