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  Guest Article: November 17, 2001

Where Are The Sailor Mars Pages?

By: Rhiannon

Let me start off by stating why I'm even writing this. I like the Lemures. They're my favorite part of the AQ site. And to hear them calling for articles, well, I thought I should do my part and write one. After all, they've provided me with endless entertainment since I started surfing the web. I feel I owe them something for it. Now! On with the rant!

I've been a webmistress for about three years now. My first site was a Sailor Mars shrine. It's still my baby, in fact I'm re-vamping it now. When I first got into Sailor Mars as my fav senshi, I searched high and low for *good* Sailor Mars shrines...Unfortunately, there were about two. That's why I decided to go and make my own.

Well, that was three years ago. And you know what? Things haven't changed a bit. My dear Rei-chan still has the least number of shrines in her name. And the ones that exist suck. They have the same pics, same info, nothing interesting. I used to enjoy Fire Senshi's Relm, but I will never link to it because it is no longer accessable to all visitors.

I ask you, Sailor Moon fans, where are the good Sailor Mars shrines? Why aren't there any? Are you so afraid to admit you like the bitchy one?

Why do *I* like Sailor Mars? I like her because she's honest and pushes Usagi-chan to do her best! Plus, she's the senshi of fire! Fire's such a cool power! And those red heels! *_* She's also beautiful, and refined when not arguing with Usagi-chan.

So, I'm calling for you, as a Sailor Moon fan, to help and get those Sailor Mars pages to improve! All the senshi deserve a good name, and Rei-chan has been shafted!

Wait, wait, I'm sounding antogonistic, aren't I? Well, I'm upset by the fact that Sailor Mars has been given such a bad name, and lack of shrines to her doesn't help. Whenever some one finds out that she's my fav, (s)he looks at me funny and states she's a bitch. Even Chibi Usa has more fans!

Well, if Usagi-chan loves Rei-chan so much, there must be something fans aren't seeing. How about when Rei-chan worried herself about the fate of the world at the beginning of S? Or when she held Usagi and told her everything would be alright when Usagi was worried about Chibi Usa being Black Lady in R? Or when she dies in Stars in Usagi's arms? "Rei-chan, you promised we'd always be together!" "Silly Usagi, you have Mamoru."

That doesn't sound like a bitch to me. That sounds like some one I'd like to be my best friend! So, before there's yet another Sailor Mercury shrine, why not think about the passionate one, Sailor Mars? ^_^

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