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  Guest Article: April 25th, 2000

Why is it They Just Don't Seem to Understand?

By: Princess Reenie

I know this topic is discussed way too much, but it is a crime that seems to be a frequent thing upon SM websites. What am I talking about you ask... copy catting?!? I just don't see how copying someone's HTML or design can be gratifying. How on earth can that make any webmaster/webmistress feel good about themselves when they are nothing more than a thief? Now don't get me wrong there is a difference in just stealing someone's HTML or design and asking someone to use it. If you just take their ideas without permission you are definitely stealing, but if you ask the person politely and they let you use whatever you asked for then that is different. At least you had the courage to get permission which is more than I can say for all these right clicking junkies.

My website may be a member of Free the Images and I may say that if you e-mail me I will most likely let you use my graphics, but I don't want someone to just click on my page and then right click my whole layout. Originality is the key to success. After lots of hard work creating graphics you would understand. So to make a long story short please respect a person's wishes and don't steal if they tell you not to and ask if you can borrow before you take if that is permitted. You know the saddest thing about all you thieves is that you are the cause for some of the best pages on the net to shut down. I know because one of my favorite sites has recently closed down due to you and it infuriates me to see that happen.

I leave you with this:


Prowling in the night
Hiding 'neath my fright
Manipulate my site -- THIEF

Whenever you steal
My punishment's real
You gave me sorrow

Invading my own value
Parading my shy security
While gripping my innocence -- THIEF

Whenever you steal
My punishment's real
You gave me sorrow

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