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  Guest Article: November 5th, 1999

To DiC or not to DiC...

By: Razynne

After reading a couple of Lemures written by DiC-supporters, I pose a question: Just because DiC got us interested in Sailormoon, does that mean we should overlook what they've done to it?

True, the first version of BSSM I saw was the dub. I thought it was cool, but rather stupid in some parts. However, when I saw my first fansub, I became enraged at what DiC had done. How could they destroy an anime as beautiful as BSSM?! It actually made me cry! Did they think we were totally ignorant of the real world? Did they think we couldn't handle Zoicite and Kunzite's homosexual relationship, or seeing the Senshi die? How can anyone possibly thank DiC for mutilating Takeuchi Naoko's wonderful creation?! They cut episodes, censored scenes, and changed the characters personalities... yet people still support them! It is just me, or does this seem illogical?

Here is my theory on why people love the dub: it's easy to access. All you have to do is turn on your TV, flip to Cartoon Network, and there you go. It's less time-consuming than ordering fansubs, sending off a money order, and waiting for them to arrive. However, I cannot believe that some people are actually content with DiC's horrible BSSM translation! When I encourage people to buy a fansubbed tape, they always seem to use the same excuse: "I want to be able to understand what's going on". Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that what the English subtitles are for?! I can understand some people being cynical of ordering things online, but now that Pioneer has subbed the R movie, there is no excuse not to make the effort and see original BSSM!

It angers me how some dub-supporters make us "purists" seem like evil people who want to keep BSSM closed off from the outside world. In reality, most "purists" only want to keep the horrible Sailormoon dub off television, keep other seasons from being destroyed, and help fans get fansubs and learn how beautiful BSSM really is: No valley-girl voices or bad British accents. No "Super Wicked Kewl Awesome Scout Power". No cheesy American pop-culture references. Like the name "purist" implies; we want pure, clean, uncensored BSSM. What's so wrong about that?

DiC is not doing BSSM any justice by their horrible dubbing. They are dumbing it down to a preschooler's level, then trying to promote it toward a teenage audience. DiC Entertainment does not deserve my appreciation or thanks. If anything, they need a good kick in the arse for what they've done.

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