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  Guest Article: February 21, 2000

Seiya and Mamoru

By: Raven

I am not in my early twenties any more and I like Seiya a lot. In the anime he has to be about sixteen or seventeen because he attends the same class as Usagi. His is a very cheerful character, and being with him is always a lot of fun. Think of the mischief he does at the lake where the girls were camping. He is good at sports, a great vocalist and he has a kind heart. For ChibiChibi he is the best "elder brother" she could have. He can work very hard for his aims, he is sweet and a good dancer at discos, when he likes someone he shows his feelings clearly.

Considering all these positive aspects of his personality, I think he would be a great boyfriend for any teenage girl. He is the perfect example for a boy group idol; his personality has no failures. However my feelings for him have a motherly touch - he is a cute boy.

Mamoru doesn't seem to be so good at sports (he only does a bit of jogging in the anime). Most of the time he is working with his computer or sitting somewhere reading a book. Being with him is not so much fun; we don't see him laughing a lot. You cannot call him a very romantic person. Does he ever write a love letter to Usagi or does he give her flowers? He has been the target of many villains who twisted his personality and brainwashed him (in the manga more often than in the anime). He is silent, serious and does not show his feelings very often. In contrast to Seiya, Mamoru is not good a singing and we never watch him dancing in a disco, he is no famous idol.

Considering all these not so positive aspects of his personality, I don't think he is the ideal boyfriend for many teenage girls. A lot of young girls would get bored when being with him. When I look at him, I see someone who will listen to me when I have problems, it would be great to talk to him, to discuss various topics because he has a wide range of interests and a lot of knowledge. I see someone who takes good care of his future daughter and someone who is working hard for his future - the day when he will be king and will have lots of responsibilities and tiring duties. I see someone who has been very lonely for a long time of his life, someone that has matured early in his life because of his loneliness and suffering.

Mamoru is not a cute boy like Seiya.
Mamoru is handsome, attractive, sometimes irritating and a challenge.
Mamoru is a man, and he would be an ideal husband for many young ladies, especially for an emotional young airhead with lots of dreams who can cheer him up and make him laugh more often. When I think of him, my feelings don't have a motherly touch at all.

Reading the comments we got for our discussion who the better couple is, Usagi and Mamoru or Usagi and Seiya, I got the feeling there are many more Seiya fans out there in the web than Mamoru fans.

It is not fair that many younger fans ignore the good points of Mamoru. It is not fair that he is disliked for being manipulated by villains. Uranus and Neptune and ChibiUsa and even Mercury were also manipulated and just because no villain ever tried to manipulate the StarLights, it doesn't mean that they could have withstood the dark powers better than Mamoru or the others. Mamoru can't be everyone's idol; he is too quiet and too less cheerful for that. The powers he was given as Tuxedo Kamen are weaker than the powers of the StarLights', but nevertheless they do their job just as Chibimoon's attacks and Mercury's defensive skills.

Just because he is not used to show his feelings more openly, it is unfair to say that he doesn't love Usagi as much as Seiya does. Both are great characters but maybe it is my age, (as a teenager I would have cheered for a boy group idol like Seiya too) because I would choose Mamoru.

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