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  Guest Article: November 1st, 2000

Ranting about Rating

By: Raven

Some weeks ago we received a mail of a visitor asking us politely if we could put all the fanart pictures of naked Anime characters on special pages. Further he told us that there are more people who visit our fanart pages ( and are offended and shocked by the naked characters on some images. I want to stress that we have no hentai pics anywhere in our gallery, but some nude characters, that's true. After reading this mail we posted a warning so that we don't shock any innocent visitors any more.

Nevertheless we don't understand that some people seem to think that nudity is evil.

How can such people ever read the manga or ever watch episode 200? It will be pretty hard to make a dub of the last series that is "clean". Of course they can do what they did to the first Dragonball Series, they can cover the evil naked body parts by some awfully painted pants and this time add some bras too or something like this. Or they just don't show these parts of the last episode, there are really no details shown but even the outlines of the body are evil, so away with them!!! We really wonder how they ever manage to get the transformation scenes published; they show the outlines too. And if it comes to love between people of same sex, this is the worst evil ever, so there can't be a male Fisheye and a male Zoisite and kissing scenes are too much for the innocent eyes of little kids. So they cut them short or just show that they do it, but only for a brief second and no longer ...

On the other hand I bought a DVD of the English subtitled Anime "Tokyo Babylon" and this was not rated at all. Or let's say there was a rating on the back of it saying "all" which means that everyone can watch it, from kindergarten kids up to grandmas. Tokyo Babylon is a wonderful Anime, there is no kissing and there are no outlines of naked bodies, so it is okay for little kids to watch it. But I would never show this anime to a six year old child because it contains lots of violence in it. Arms are cut off, blood is pouring out of dreadful wounds, a killer stabs young women and an old lady, hunts a girl and nearly kills her too ... but some people still seem to think that such stuff is okay for little kids, violence is far less evil than love and nudity. I really don't know what is going on in these peoples' heads who rate anime this way. Love is a positive experience something nearly everyone hopes to find in his life and far better than violence and bloodshed, isn't it?

We just want to know, how many of them are out there? How many people think that violence and bloodshed is not so evil like love and a bit nudity, showing human bodies naked like all of us have been born.... and why do you think so?

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